Bomb Threat on United Flight Bound for U.S.

Bomb Threat
On this day of remembrance, Sept. 11, United Airlines Flight 902 en route to San Francisco was forced to return to Frankfurt, Germany due to a bomb threat. It landed safely at 3:39 p.m. local time shortly after take off. According to CBS SF Bay Area, the plane was ordered to return as a result of the threat being taken seriously. The threat named the specific flight and today is the fourteenth anniversary of 9/11. Shortly after all of the passengers had deplaned and been searched, as well as all of the passengers’ baggage, they were not detained and nothing was found, however, the investigation is continuing to look into the incident. Several passengers could be seen taking pictures as they departed the United Airlines Boeing 747-400.

Friday’s flight has, however, been rescheduled for Saturday since the crew had exceeded their legal permitted hours of duty. The bomb threat targeted a plane with 333 passengers and 18 crew members aboard, however, no injuries were reported during the intense moments of the incident or thereafter. Frankfurt customer service agents were working as feverishly as possible to aid passengers in continuing their journey to the United States. According to United’s website, the Daily Mail reported that the flight was cancelled because of a disruption in security.

By Jireh Gibson

The Daily Mail:United Airlines flight in Germany is Ordered to Land Shortly After Take-Off After a Bomb Threat is Made on the 14th Anniversary of the September 11 Terror Attacks

CBS SF Bay Area:Bomb Threat On United Flight From Germany To San Francisco Plane Evacuation

Photos: Top and Featured Image Courtesy of InSapphoWeTrust’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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