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Shooting in Neptune Township New Jersey




According to the New Jersey News, the police are investigating a shooting. There is no information about a possible victim or suspect. Initial reports indicate the police have erected crime scene tape around a home in New Jersey’s Neptune Township where an apparent shooting has occurred.

Charlie Webster from the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s office has told reporters there is no pertinent information available at this time. The police tape surrounds a home at 300 Monmouth Ave. on the corner of Monmouth and Asbury Park.

The New Jersy News agency states there is a car in the driveway and several toys and bicycles are scattered in the house’s yard area. There is no information about who resides at the home in Neptune County, New Jersey where a shooting is currently being investigated.

According to the NJ website a total of six gun-related homicides occurred within a one week period in August 2015. Although, in 2014 the total homicides were reported to be at a five-year low.

Monmouth County, New Jersey is home to approximately 700,000 people. The police department in New Jersey’s Neptune County have not offered any updates.

During a website search concerning the residence of 300 Monmouth Ave., the house was sold in November 2013. It is unknown who resides in this tri-level single family home, as 19 people are listed as owners of the home. Police are currently investigating the shooting.


The victim was that of a home invasion and he is currently in critical condition at a local hospital. According to NJ Advance Media, the police responded to a 911 call in the early morning on Sept. 9, 2015. Upon arriving at the home, the police found evidence there was a break in and evidence of shots fired.

The police are continuing to investigate. No arrests have been made.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the prosecutor’s Detective, Adam Mendes, at 1-800-533-7443 or call Neptune Detective, Vincent Letsch, at 732-988-8000 ext. 422.

To make an anonymous report Monmouth County Crime Stoppers’ confidential tip-line at 800-671-4400. To file a report via text: “MONMOUTH” plus the tip to 274637 or to email a tip via the Monmouth County website.

Monmouth County Crime Stoppers will pay up to $5,000 for information leading to the arrest of criminals and fugitives related to the crime. This investigation is ongoing

Update by Cathy Milne
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Website: Monmouth County Crime Stoppers


By Cathy Milne


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