Hillary Clinton Takes a Dive in Popularity

Hillary Clinton
On Sept. 27, 2015, the latest Fox News Poll indicated that the personal approval rating for Hillary Clinton has dropped to a mere 38 percent among voters. The latest consensus reveals a steady decline from a 45 percent rating earlier this year. The biggest part of the drop is the fact that 50 percent of women currently have a negative view of Clinton. Additionally, this coincides with a trend reflecting a decline among voters who have a positive view of the Democratic Party, which is now down 11 points since May 2015.

The results of this latest poll may imply there is trouble on the horizon for the Democratic frontrunner. It is also possible the results are being driven by the latest details of the FBI investigation into the use of the private email server. In fact, at least 53 percent of Americans believe Clinton is lying about the email scandal.

Furthermore, Clinton now faces the highest unpopular rating of 56 percent among voters in the most recent years of her career in politics. Although she has a challenging road ahead, the former secretary of state is expected to use the Democratic debates in October to strengthen her position and regain her popularity among voters.

By Jireh Gibson
Edited by Leigh Haugh

TK: FOX NEWS POLL: Clinton Popularity Drops, Carson Gets Ratings Boost
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