Jennifer Garner: Former Nanny Allegedly Pregnant With Ben Affleck’s Baby?


The nanny that Jennifer Garner infamously fired last month could potentially be pregnant with Ben Affleck’s baby, several reports are claiming. Christine Ouzounian, who has been blamed for the actress’ divorce to her husband of 10 years, is alleged to have purposely left a pregnancy test in Garner’s home, making sure that the 43-year-old would find the shocking truth about her partner.

Garner was blindsided by the alleged affair, but she did not waste any time making it known that Ouzounian was no longer welcome in her home. Initial reports had claimed that the nanny seemed unbothered by the fact that she was supposedly hooking up with a married man, and now it is being said that Ouzounian is reportedly pregnant, which is why she has kept such a low profile in recent weeks.

While it is all still speculation, OK! magazine reveals in its latest issue that Garner’s marriage to Affleck fell apart when she found a pregnancy test, presumably belonging to the 28-year-old, in her home. While this particular news outlet confirms the idea that Ouzounian may be pregnant, it also heavily insinuates the possible fact that leaving a pregnancy test for another man’s wife to see is a confirmation in itself. Why would the former nanny show a pregnancy test to Garner that indicated she was not pregnant? It would not make sense.

The latest issue of GLOBE magazine then goes on to stress, “There’s talk the shameless babysitter could have Ben’s bun in the over,” which would easily explain why the shamed celebrity nanny has not been seen in recent weeks. When the scandal first broke, Ouzounian seemed to love the attention she was getting from photographers. But now that she could potentially be pregnant with an actor worth $75million, why bother with photographers and the press? The child support she could be getting once the baby arrives would easily sum up to $30-45k a month.

The news regarding Ouzounian’s alleged pregnancy comes just one month after adult entertainment companies approached her with million dollar offers to star in her very own sex tape. The scene, which would have been named, Batman V Superman: XXX, could have probably been an option for the 28-year-old if she was not allegedly expecting a child with Affleck, but whatever the situation may be, Garner must be heartbroken.

The Hollywood duo have been having problems in their marriage since 2012 — and yes, while many couples argue and fight, Garner and Affleck would bicker over their careers, the actor’s alleged gambling addiction, and supposed cheating affairs. When a woman tries to keep her eyes shut on all the mistakes her husband has made, there will eventually come a breaking point; one that Garner has finally reached.

The actress vows to stay on good terms with the father of her three children, solely for the sake of their kids, having recently denied reports she and Affleck were heading to couple’s therapy. Sources say that the twosome have already tried it in the past and clearly it did not work for them. At least for Affleck.

Opinion by Maurice Cassidy


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