Jessica Simpson Drunk: Eric Johnson Threatens Divorce Over Alcohol Abuse?

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Jessica Simpson’s behavior has not gone unnoticed in recent months. It is not hard to tell that whenever the songstress makes a public appearance, she is barely able to contain herself. Her infamous appearance on the Home Shopping Network earlier this month made it clear that the 35-year-old was most likely drunk again.

The Public Affair singer wobbled back and forth as she slurred her words whilst promoting her latest collection from her clothing line. It went so bad that the host of the show had to assist the Hollywood star on multiple occasions, awkwardly laughing off Simpson’s wild antics as viewers at home were left in shock.

All of this has left her husband Eric Johnson fuming. According to RadarOnline, the athlete is somewhat ashamed of how his wife has been acting out in public as of late. He feels that his partner holds a responsibility to carry herself a certain way when she is surrounded by cameras and photographers, especially when she is working — there is no need to be getting drunk at work.

Furthermore, Johnson has questioned himself on how their two children are going to feel when they see mommy acting somewhat of a fool on television as the world cringes. The 36-year-old does not want to surround his kids around alcohol, and if Simpson struggles with a substance abuse, she needs to get help before more severe actions are put in place. It has already been suggested that divorce talk and custody of the children are options for the NFL player if his wife chooses not to cooperate with him.

“He is worried sick that Jess’ conduct is going to start affecting their two children and that their oldest is starting to realize there’s something wrong with mommy,” a close source shared. Partners usually tolerate their lover’s bad behaviour for some time before all hell breaks loose. Simpson does not seem like a person who would admit to having an alcohol problem; she would rather deny it and carry on fooling the world that she is fine.

Even her fans have wondered why she has been acting so odd lately. “She can’t be in denial any longer about the toll that her problems have taken on her marriage, or she could lose her husband her children – and her money,” the source concluded. Johnson reportedly wants his wife to seek help at a rehab facility if she continues to spiral out of control.

Simpson’s clothing line is said to be worth more than $1billion. So for her to publicly embarrass herself by allegedly getting herself drunk before a taping to promote her new collection is absolutely bizarre, giving Johnson every reason to take action. If she is not afraid to drink uncontrollably when she is out in public, one can only imagine how much she would drink when she is at home.

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