Krampus Dangerous Mixture of Evil and Good


Hollywood and its companions have an irritating habit of mixing evil and good in their attempts to attract viewers with the shock treatment. The upcoming Krampus movie is about the evil demon who comes around every December 5 to terrorize families and especially children. It is a dangerous mixture of evil and good.

Some are saying that the movie is the next in line of infamous Christmas horror movies designed with the same dangerous mixture. Movies like Silent Night Bloody Night, Jack Frost, Gremlins, Christmas Evil , Black Christmas and many others have sought to take a season meant to be full of family and fun, gifts and laughter and mix it with evil. A rule of thumb that helps this writer to function as a human being is not to do or say anything that would harm one of the children or grandchildren. These are precious commodities and must not be damaged. Those trying to do so for monetary benefit are even more to be scorned.

We are living in a time when many people have dismissed the possibility of evil and so do not see a problem with such a farce as Krampus. But even if evil does not exist, a strange notion in the light of the human condition, the practice of scaring children, and even adults, at a time when joy is to be the abiding emotion, is dangerous in itself.

Krampus is a dangerous mixture of evil and good and even if good wins out in the end, the effects of the fearful elements of the movie are too scary to bear. Avoid the movie if you love your children and grandchildren.

Opinion by Lloyd Gardner

Source:, September 2015: Finally they Made a Horror Movie About Krampus

Photo courtesy of Rusty Blazenhoff’s Flickr PageĀ – Creative Commons License

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  1. Robert S Moulds   December 4, 2015 at 9:48 pm

    Defang, dehorn, shave bald so the birds and other creatures have nest materials. Then castrate shave his butt tatooing man eater on one cheek and love cheeks on the other then stick hot coals up his butt after feeding him beans so he farts blue flames out of it. Then sell him to the circus or Riply’s believe or not Krampus the broken demon mohahahahs fixs his nails and do them in pink nail polish to match his lady like pink horse shoes. Save Christmas for millions of children


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