Russia Sending Anti Aircraft Missile to Syria


According to reports coming from Moscow, Russia is preparing to send an anti-aircraft missile to Syria. The Vladimir Putin-led government is believed to be doing this in a show of support to its embattled ally President Bashar Assad.

The  source, a member of the Russian navy, revealed that the Moscow government is in the process of sending the SA-22 system, which will probably be operated by military personnel from Moscow in Syria. It is believed that the Putin Administration has also sent skilled military personnel that will use the Pantsir-SI missile in Moscow. The military support comes against the backdrop of Syrian refugees fleeing to European countries, in particular Germany, for safety.

A US official confirmed the reports. The official said that this is not the first time Putin’s government has sent military weapons to Syria. In 2013, the same weapon and military personnel were secretly sent to Syria, which contributed to the death of many Syrians.

The Putin government denied the reports and the press spokesperson, Dmitry Peskov, refused to be drawn into comment over the anti-aircraft missile. “These reports are an attempt by the Western countries to demonize our sovereign country,” Peskov said, through a translator. He added that Russia had no business sending the anti-aircraft missile to Syria.

By Shepherd Mutsvara


Jerusalem Post: Russia Sending Advanced Air Defenses To Help Syria’s Assad

Top And Featured Image Courtesy Of Dmitry Terekhov’s Flickr Page: Creative Commons License.

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