Shooting at DC Union Station Today Involved Security Guard

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The shooting at DC’s Union Station today involved a security guard who was witness to an apparent domestic crime that left three people wounded. Investigations are pending. It was reported that Police chief, Cathy Lenier, told CNN that this morning’s incident involved a security guard who shot at a man that allegedly stabbed a woman.

Lt. Sean Convoy from the Metropolitan police station was reported to have said that the suspect was taken into custody by the Metropolitan Police Department. Investigations are being done for alleged stabbing due to an apparent domestic violence incident that injured three people. Both females who were stabbed and the suspect were treated for their injuries, said Convoy.

It was also reported that the shooting at DC Union Station today which involved a security guard, caused momentary disruption at the station. As reported by CNN, Metro Police Department’s Director of Communications Gwendolyn Crump said the security guard witnessed the stabbing and gave chase. The suspect who was armed with a knife turned and accosted the security guard who fired and hit the suspect, according to Crump.

The shooting at DC Union Station today involved a security guard who allegedly saw a man stab two women. Reports indicate that an evacuation of Union Station was necessary. Union Station is one of the busiest train stations for the Northeast corridor. The station is not just a rail for the Northeast metro area, but it also houses many business such as restaurants and shops.

By Jeanette O’Donnal


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