Lamar Odom on Life Support: Ex-Wife Confronts Kardashian at Vegas Hospital



Following the news that Lamar Odom had been rushed to hospital after having suffered from a drug overdose earlier this week, the Kardashians have flown out to Las Vegas to be with the ex-NBA player. But according to RadarOnline, there is trouble brewing in the pot as Odom’s ex-wife Liza Morales is also expected to arrive at the hospital this week.

Morales, who shares two children with the 35-year-old, was stunned by the news that her ex-husband had been placed on life support, following the news from doctors that things are not looking too good. What shocked the former reality star even more is that the Kardashians had already arrived at the hospital before she did — and she had good reasons to be annoyed.

All season long, the Kardashians have made it quite clear that they want to keep their distance from the former Lakers player, and rightfully so. Odom has been struggling with his addiction for years, subsequently causing his marriage downfall to Kardashian, who would go on to divorce him by the end of 2013.

And though the couple has remained on good terms since their split, 34-year-old Kim has been very vocal on how much she hates the idea of Kardashian getting back in touch with her ex. In a recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the TV-personality urged her younger sibling to stay away from Odom, sharing her concerns for her sister’s well-being if she was to reconcile with him.

All of this in mind, Morales has gathered the idea that all of the Kardashians showing up at Odom’s bedside — Kim, in particular — shows how manipulating the family really are. A source stressed that Kardashian has used Odom as her storyline for the entire season, but now wants to play the caring estranged wife, whose divorce papers are being finalised in two months.

“She is fuming that Khloe, Kim, and Kris are all at Lamar’s bedside,” the insider gushed. “Where have they been for the past year? All Kardashians have ever done is bring drama into Lamar’s life.”  Kardashian was even said to have staged a meet-up with Odom earlier this year, only to then have photographers show up and make it seem as if the NBA player had stalked the socialite and was some sort of danger to her.

“There was absolutely no reason to do it as Lamar hadn’t appeared on it for years, only phone calls with Khloe,” the source added, talking about how Morales was against the idea of having her ex-husband being bashed on the reality show. “Liza will toss Khloe out of the room if she’s able!”

All the drama inside Odom’s hospital room certainly is not a good idea, especially when considering how doctors have already stated that the athlete may not pull through. He has suffered multiple seizures since his hospitalisation and brain scans are yet to be done, but from what his docs have claimed, it is not looking too good.

Opinion by Maurice Cassidy


RadarOnline: Showdown! Lamar Odom’s Ex Flies To Las Vegas For Hospital Faceoff With The Kardashians — Why She’s Furious