Charlie Sheen Being Sued by Ex-Lovers for Hidden Diagnosis

SheenCharlie Sheen recently admitted to the world that he is HIV positive. During the interview on the Today show, the actor also stated after learning of his diagnosis future sexual relations were embarked upon with honesty and the use of condoms. However, differing reports have now surfaced from at least six of the celebrity’s ex-lovers with claims that the actor hid his diagnosis.

The Anger Management star admitted to having unprotected sex with only two people since learning of his status. He also stated both women were under the care of his doctor and knew ahead of time about his health status. Allegedly, other women have denied Sheen’s declaration of integrity and have hired a prominent lawyer from Los Angeles to seek damages from the celebrity. The former lovers have accused the actor of sexual battery, fraud and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

After coming out publicly in an on-air interview with Matt Lauer, Sheen penned an open letter stating his days of partying are over. In the correspondence, the Two and a Half Men actor described the pain he felt upon learning of the diagnosis as a nightmare. In hopes of avoiding the truth, Sheen tried to convince himself that he was stuck in an alternate reality, which was merely a dream.

Almost immediately, the actor began an intensive and rigorous program of treatment. Under the care of his physician, Dr. Robert Huizenga, who Sheen identifies as the leading infectious disease expert in the known universe, the viral loads in the actor’s system became undetectable. The Platoon actor felt victorious in his battle with the virus. He wrote:

I wish my story had ended there. Unfortunately, for my family and myself, it had only just begun.

Falling into a deep state of depression, confusion and shame, the Hot Shot! actor entered an abysmal cycle of fathomless drinking and extensive substance abuse. Sheen called the dismal journey a “suicide run.” Despite his mental state, the actor said he remained vigilant to the prescribed anti-viral program. Although he wanted to die, to his medical team’s delight every test continued to reveal a state of remission.Sheen

During this difficult season in Sheen’s life, he admittedly chose the companionship of women he hired to for the purpose of sexual favors. With each encounter, the actor said he was forthcoming with his health status and always used protection. Eventually, his truth, according to Sheen, became a tool of extortion and blackmail for the women he had been honest with. As a result, the Spin City star paid out millions to keep the secret secure.

In order to liberate himself from what he called a circus of deceit, Sheen made the decision to come clean and reveal his HIV positive status. During an interview on the Today show, many fans and critics watched as the actor shared his story. As the Eight Men Out actor opened his heart exposing the four-year secret, some listeners expressed compassion, while others felt it was karma responding to years of debauchery.

Among those witnesses who heard Sheen’s acknowledgment for the first time were former lovers who were horrified. The women reached out to a well-respected Southern California attorney to filter their shock into a lawsuit against the actor. The attorney, who said 10 potential victims have already contacted him for representation, described the women as escorts, fans, and film stars. Sheen’s alleged victims did not want their names released for fear of being categorized as “exposed to the virus.” One of the women stated she and the actor engaged in sexual relations just weeks prior to his admission; allegedly, The Money Talks actor failed to expose his HIV positive status to the woman.

Sheen’s public admission, on air and in the open letter, states he is reclaiming his freedom as the scales of justice righteously and swiftly re-balance themselves. It appears that while the actor seeks to realign his life and return to a sense of freedom, he will soon be entrusted with a new challenge. The actor is being sued by ex-lovers after allegedly withholding the truth of his health state.

By Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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