Windows 10 Is Received With Mixed Feelings

Windows 10

Windows 10

Windows 10 is received with mixed feelings as Microsoft introduces the world to the latest operating system. Whenever an upgrade is released, there comes a certain amount of risk. Many times it is the unknown consumer reaction to the new product that presents the most uncertainty. A combination of anxiety and anticipation permeated discussions about Microsoft’s decision, to develop the Windows 10 operating system as the impending release date approached. Now that the newest Microsoft Operating System is finally here, this latest version attempts to meet the needs of the consumer, with a goal to increase market share.

Of the many features intended to boost the previous operating system, Windows 10 brings several perks that will certainly be familiar when compared to rival operating systems. The advantage of other systems has been the seamless integration previously enjoyed regarding the use of favorite apps. Media Sharing among several devices under the same account was a priority when creating many of the new features. Consumers have increasingly been active in the creation of web content, as well as expressing a desire to be connected to the world around them more than ever. Earlier versions of Windows was unable to meet the demand and essentially fell behind in most markets aside from the business community.

Among the new features built into Windows 10, find my device, cast media to the device, and Microsoft Edge have taken center stage during promotions. Apple users have long been familiar with finding my phone (device) technology. Sold as a security feature, find my device features indeed stay with the connectivity theme. Users now will be able to track the location of misplaced or stolen PCs and laptops. Inspired by Google’s Chromecast, cast media is a feature that allows the user to send photos as well as video and audio to like devices. No longer will Windows users have to physically upload content to each device one at a time. Although the Edge browser is not new, what is different is that passwords, favorites as well as other lists will sync across multiple devices.

In such a competitive market, success is largely determined by how well the desires of the consumer are addressed. Microsoft has been able to maintain a high position in the business sector. However, it is their inattentiveness toward the pubic that has allowed competitors to move to the front. In an industry where brand loyalty is a primary concern, Microsoft had clearly set themselves on a path to reclaim their place as a leader in the public tech sector.  Marketing campaigns have focused on combating any preconceived notions that have, for the most part, shaped public opinion toward Microsoft. Windows 10 is received with mixed feelings, which will remain the narrative until questions are answered.

Microsoft admits that updates will be necessary after the first upgrade to this version. It is clear, that while Windows 10 is believed to be vastly better that its predecessor, subsequent updates will be fluid throughout the life of the operating system. Members of the tech community interpret this message with mixed feelings. Some regard it as Microsoft is finally adjusting to the market, where others see this as a disclaimer to get in front of any possible criticism.

Receiving Windows 10 with mixed feelings was anticipated from the start. Those who are loyal to the brand will overlook any shortcomings. Conversely, those who want to find deficiencies will have no problem doing so. With only a few days under its belt, Windows 10 will continue to both impress and disappoint. The jury will remain out until the evidence definitively proves that Windows 10 can run universally across multiple devices, and with flawless precision.

Opinion by Garrett Sayers
Edited by Jireh Gibson


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One thought on “Windows 10 Is Received With Mixed Feelings

  1. Microsoft did not ‘anticipate’ the mixed feelings from the start. What they tried to do is to overwelm the market and expected everyone to take advantage of the free upgrade. From there, they used every dirty trick to upgrade as many people as they could.

    Now Microsoft appears to be rewriting history. “Receiving Windows 10 with mixed feelings was anticipated from the start.”. Sure and I believe in the easter bunny.

    Windows 10 has been stronly rejected by the market. Microsoft is going to loose a significant portion of its market share because it didn’t listen to its customers about what they wanted. They didn’t service their customers, just told them what was good for them. Not a good move.

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