20 SEO Professionals to Follow on Twitter

There is no shortage of search engine optimization (SEO) professionals and digital marketing advisers, or marketers, on social media. This is especially true on Twitter where everyone seems to be a marketing expert or at least has something (goods or service) they want to market or sell. Therefore, the question arises–who should readers turn to, or follow, on Twitter, as well as other social media and/or online platforms, for trustworthy online marketing advice that can help someone in marketing or promoting their business? Here are 20 SEO professionals and/or marketing experts to consider following on Twitter.

1. Kristopher B. Jones–A leading SEO expert, entrepreneur, and author of the best-selling book, Search Engine Optimization: Your Visual Blueprint to Effective Internet Marketing. Jones is also the former chief executive officer (CEO) and president of the Pepperjam Affiliate network. He also serves as an advisor to Internet Marketing Ninjas. His Twitter handle is @krisjonescom. The link is: https://twitter.com/krisjonescom.


2. Bruce Clay–A pioneer among SEO experts and he established Bruce Clay, Inc. in 1996. Today, he continues to be at the forefront of the SEO industry. He is also a popular speaker at tech conferences and the author of the book, Search Engine Optimization All-in-One for Dummies. His company Twitter handle is @BruceClayInc. The company link is: https://twitter.com/BruceClayInc.

3. Jeff Bullas–A top-ranking content marketing influencer, social media marketing strategist, and chief evangelist at ShuttleRock. He is listed among the Forbes Top 10 Social Media Influencers and the Huffington Post Top 100 Business Twitter accounts. As such, Bullas is considered a must-follow for anyone in the digital marketing realm, but particularly in social media marketing. He has nearly 400,000 followers and receives multiple retweets per tweet. His Twitter handle is @jeffbullas. His link is: https://twitter.com/jeffbullas.

4. Cynthia Johnson–“The Social Media Girl” is the director of social media marketing for RankLab. She is also a keynote speaker for PubCon, which is considered the “cream of the crop” among social media and optimization search marketing conferences. Moreover, Johnson has been a driving force behind major corporate social media campaigns, such as Chevrolet and Levis. Her Twitter handle is @CynthiaLIVE. The link is: https://twitter.com/CynthiaLIVE.


5. Jayson DeMers–This SEO wiz is the founder and CEO of the Seattle-based marketing agency, AudienceBloom. He is also a writer for Forbes, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, and other sites. DeMers’ desire to demystify SEO for small business owners has placed him in a league of his own. His Twitter handle is @jaysondemers. The link is: https://twitter.com/jaysondemers.

6. Rand Fishkin–The founder of Moz, which is one of the top-rated optimization tools on the market. Not only is Fishkin an SEO expert, but he also prides himself on being a TechStars investor and feminist. Moreover, he is also famous for sporting an old-fashioned, handlebar mustache. He is known to tweet many times a week about SEO, marketing, technology, and startups. His Twitter handle is @randfish. The link is: https://twitter.com/randfish.

7. Danny Sullivan–The founding editor of Search Engine Land and Marketing Land. He is an industry leader who covers Google, Twitter, Facebook, SEO, and SEM (search engine marketing), as well as all things search marketing, digital marketing, and search-related. He has nearly 500,000 followers on Twitter and is one of the first out with news about Google, Bing, or other search engines. Moreover, Sullivan is also known for his generosity with the knowledge he shares with others. All of this certainly reinforces the idea that Danny Sullivan is an SEO professional to follow on Twitter. His Twitter handle is @dannysullivan. The link is: https://twitter.com/dannysullivan.

8. Amber Naslund–This marketing wiz first made a name for herself with Radian6, which is now known as Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and her blog, Brass Tack Thinking. She is now a marketing big wig at Sysomos, which is a social analytics and intelligence platform. She still shares her marketing advice as well as her vibrant personality on her Twitter account, which has nearly 56,000 followers. Her Twitter handle is @AmberCadabra. The link is: https://twitter.com/AmberCadabra.

9. Joost de Valk–The CEO and founder of Yoast. In 2010, deValk started Yoast and the company specializes in SEO, WordPress, and online marketing. In fact, anyone who works with WordPress on a regular basis has likely used one of his powerful WordPress themes. Before founding Yoast, the SEO specialist launched the biggest CSS3 resource on the Web, CSS3.info, and its extension, Quix. His Twitter handle is @jdevalk. The link is: https://twitter.com/jdevalk.

10. Stuart Draper–The founder of Get Found First, which is a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising agency founded in 2008. Moreover, he also created the Stukent app. His Twitter handle is @Stu_Draper. The link is: https://twitter.com/Stu_Draper.


11. Zac Johnson–An Internet marketer, entrepreneur, blogger, and super affiliate who has made millions of dollars over the last decade in affiliate marketing. He also hosts a podcast entitled, “Rise of the Entrepreneur,” which can be found on iTunes. His Twitter handle is @zacjohnson. The link is: https://twitter.com/zacjohnson.

12. Ania Dziadon–The CEO and chief strategist of Add Optimization. Moreover, she is also the CEO of EasyFinance.com. With more than 10 years of experience in inbound marketing, this industry leader has become a pioneer in the search technology field. Her Twitter handle is @bonifata. The link is: https://twitter.com/bonifata.

13. Ann Smarty–The SEO wiz and content marketing leader is the founder of MyBlogU and ViralContentBuzz.com. She is also currently a blogger and brand manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas. Her Twitter handle is @seosmarty. The link is: https://twitter.com/seosmarty.

14. Marcela De Vivo–De Vivo is the founder of Griffin Media, which has wide-ranging international interests. Moreover, the online marketing wiz has been involved in SEO for more than 15 years. Her Twitter handle is @marceladevivo. The link is: https://twitter.com/marceladevivo.

15. Dharmesh Shah–The founder and chief technical officer (CTO) of HubSpot, which is the world’s leading inbound marketing and sales platform. Moreover, he is also a blogger at startup initiative, OnStartups.com. Shah’s nearly 280,000 Twitter followers are regularly treated to his insider’s point of view on all things marketing, but also on entrepreneurialism, funding, and startups. Furthermore, he is considered a renowned expert and leader in inbound marketing and serves as an angel investor for over 40 startup companies. His Twitter handle is @dharmesh. The link is: https://twitter.com/dharmesh.

16. Rae Hoffman–The outspoken blogger talks about the SEO, affiliate marketing, and social media fields on her well-regarded blog. She is also the co-owner and CEO of PushFire, which is a Texas-based Internet marketing agency. Moreover, she is also well-known for her Twitter handle @Sugarrae. The link is: https://twitter.com/sugarrae.


17. Avinash Kaushik–A best-selling author who wrote the book, Web Analytics 2.0 and Web Analytics: An Hour a Day. Moreover, he is also the digital marketing evangelist at Google, a co-founder of Market Motive, and runs the website, Occam’s Razor. His Twitter handle is @avinash. The link is: https://twitter.com/avinash.

18. Duane Forrester–This online marketing wiz is a senior product manager for Bing and helps run their Webmaster Outreach Program. He is the author of the book, How To Make Money With Your Blog & Turn Clicks Into Customers. Moreover, Forrester is also on staff at Search Engine Forums and a popular conference speaker at PubCon as well as other related forums. His Twitter handle is @DuaneForrester. The link is: https://twitter.com/DuaneForrester.

19. John Rampton–The founder of Adogy, which is a Palo Alto-based advertising agency. He is also a frequent contributor to Search Engine Journal and The Examiner. Rampton is well-known as a “start-up addict,” and has twice ranked among the top 10 of the “Top 25 Most Influential PPC Experts” by Hannapin Marketing. Moreover, he is also a contributor and blogger for Entrepreneur, TechCrunch, Forbes, among others. His Twitter handle is @johnrampton. The link is: https://twitter.com/johnrampton.

20. Brett Tabke–The founder of PubCon and WebmasterWorld, Inc. This industry leader has built two successful digital marketing resources from scratch and regularly shares his thoughts with his nearly 40,000 Twitter followers. His PubCon is the most popular online marketing conference in the U.S. while WebmasterWorld was the gold standard in terms of SEO for many years. His Twitter handle is @btabke. The link is: https://twitter.com/btabke.

While there is certainly no shortage of SEO professionals and digital marketing advisers on social media, it is important to seek out trustworthy online marketing advice that can help someone in marketing or promoting their business. As such, this article has directed readers toward 20 SEO professionals and/or marketing experts to consider following on Twitter, as well as other social media and online platforms.

Written and Edited by Leigh Haugh

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