Connie Foust Proven and Trusted for Assemblyperson District 19


Connie Foust’s lifestyle has been involved activism and political activities in Nevada for many years. The next rung on the ladder of passion for her state is to become Assemblyperson of District 19. As a mother of four and a grandmother to nine, she wants to be able to tell her family that she did everything she could to make their state and country better for them. A recent poll showed that voters are tired of broken promises. Foust wants to prove her commitment with more than just her voice. This will be accomplished through her votes in the caucus. She intends to gain Nevada’s trust by voting on her word.

The citizens of Nevada employ and pay Assemblymen. Campaigning is the beginning of the interview process, which is similar to a pre-employment discussion.

Foust believes in a smaller and more efficient government. She contends people should be allowed more freedoms and that voters should have a voice, which is not just heard, but heeded.

Foust’s life and work experiences prove that she is a trustworthy woman. She has held esteemed positions with the Army and the FBI. Below is a list of the candidate’s experiences as a leader and hard worker who perseveres.

Connie Foust’s Experience:

  • She is a Sentinel, for the Heritage Foundation for Nevada’s Congressional District 4, following the bills and voting record of Nev. Congressman, Crescent Hardy (R).
  • To run for Assembly District 19, she resigned as president of the Virgin Valley Tea Party, where she has been a member since its inception.
  • Working as an online columnist for the Mesquite Local News she is educating the public about the Tea Party Movement.
  • While she resided in Montana, she worked with her legislator, J.D. Lynch (D), and had two bills passed that benefited handicapped children and adults.
  • Appointed to Governor’s Council for (on) Developmental Disabilities, by then Gov. Thomas Judge
  • As a trainer at Fort Huachuca, Arizona, for Army Intelligence, she educated new recruits about the Afghan and Iraqi cultures, before soldiers were shipped out to the Middle East.
  • During the Carter Administration, she owned and operated a personnel agency.
  • She was the director of volunteers at St. Patrick’s Hospital in Missoula, Montana.
  • Until the last housing crisis, she had a career in real estate.
  • For many years, she worked at the Missoula County Sheriff’s Department and then the Missoula Police Department. Additionally, she was Certified by the FBI to access the National Crime Information Center.
  • Foust has been active in the movement to secure the Arizona border. As an activist, her activities to secure the border and her knowledge of border issues gained her notoriety. She has been a guest on Good Morning AmericaFox and Friends, the Laura Ingraham Show, and the Tony Snow Radio Show.
  • She was given the privilege of escorting Sean Hannity on his first trip to the Arizona/Mexico border in 2005.
  • Foust is a published writer. Her last article, concerning border issues, was published in a Mexico City magazine.
  • As a grandmother and co-founder of the “Granny Brigade,” she sat with others on the border to help prevent illegal border crossings from south of Arizona. They were also available to help save the lives of immigrants. Several immigrants had been left behind by their groups and were lost in the desert. The Granny Brigade took care of them.
  • She is a member of the NRA and states that she is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment.

Connie Foust promises to listen to the issues that matter to her constituents and respond to those concerns in a timely manner. She wants to represent the citizens of Nevada and their values. Since, Foust has already proven she can be trusted, as Assemblyperson for District 19, she will do what needs to be done.

A promise made is a promise kept! – Connie Foust, Assemblyperson for District 19, a principled, Constitutional Conservative.

By comparison, Assemblyperson Chris Edwards has experience in strategic planning. He has also been active in the Navy since 1987, both as active military and a reservist still today. He can balance a budget, and has seen the government budget out of control.

Edwards is affiliated with the Knights of Columbus, Veterans of Foreign Affairs, The Military Officers Association, and the National Rifle Association. He has sat on the following session committees, the Education Committee, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Mining, and Ways and Means. He has also been on the Interim Finance Committee.

According to the Nevada Policy Research Institute, Assemblyperson Edwards was on the fence concerning Governor Sandoval’s tax hike. Although, he states that he would be against any tax imposed on job creators.

Foust’s training and security clearances with the Army and the FBI. Foust has proven that she can be trusted to meet the requirements to be Assemblyperson of District 19. Assemblyperson Edwards may have a different skill set, but his reach is limited compared to Foust’s reliable record.

Opinion by Jeanette Smith
Edited by Cathy Milne


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Image Courtesy of Famartin – Creative Commons License

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