Apartment Building Foundation Buckles in Lewiston Maine

Maine is experiencing heavy rain and flooding, there are thousands of without power, many others are having repeated power outages. On Jan. 10, 2016, an apartment building in Lewiston had to be evacuated when the weather proved to be too much and the foundation buckled. According to ABC News affiliate, WMTV, the building was vacated and no were injuries reported.

The Lewiston Firefighters said all the people from the eight apartments were safely evacuated. The structural damage is extensive, the floorboards are mangled, there are broken pipes, and the building is no longer on its foundation. Officials report a wall that buckled caved in almost two feet.

The weather system that caused this damage has also wreaked havoc in Old Town, Maine. According to a resident, Jeanette Smith, her family has experienced several outages and there is a downed electrical power line a few blocks from her apartment.

Central Maine Power said there are over 30,000 customers without power, due to the weather. More than half of those are in Kennebec and Cumberland counties.

The National Weather Service issued a flood watch for most of central  and southern Maine, which will remain is effect until late Sunday night. WMTV, advises residents there could be up to three inches of rain and to be aware of rising streams and rivers.

Guardian Liberty Voice will continue to follow the story and bring updates as they become available.

By Cathy Milne

WMTV News: Lewiston apartment building evacuated as foundation buckles from rain
WMTV News: Tens of thousands without power; flood warnings issued
Image Courtesy of Tamera McCauley’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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