Bill Cosby Charged With Sexual Assault? I’m Just Saying!

CosbyWhat is wrong with YOU PEOPLE!!! I am totally confused with the American Public and how easily the media and pundits craft the narrative of what the Breaking News story of the day is. After watching CNN, MSNBC, FOX and Chicago locals (WGN, ABC, NBC, and CBS} lead their afternoon and evening broadcasts with the pending and eventual arrest of the famed (now infamous) Bill Cosby on sexual assault, Cosby easily posted his one million dollar bail and left the court among a throng of reporters. It strikes me that no media flurry or sensationalized attention was paid to the failure to get a Grand Jury indictment for Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson for killing teenager Michael Brown or Cleveland, Ohio police officer Timothy Loehmann for killing 12 year old Tamir Rice. While the Cosby case is based on decade old accusations of  him drugging and having sex with women, police in this country are getting away with fatally shooting innocent people they are paid to protect! Celebrities like Cosby are put on the front page of news for decade old accusations and police in this country are getting away with murder! Go figure!

I wonder how much of the taxpayers money in Cheltenham Township in Pennsylvania will be spent on trying to prosecute Bill Cosby. I imagine the cost could spiral into millions. Frankly, it seems to me that a campaign promise by District Attorney-Elect Kevin Steele will wind up being a lot of circus media hype that will end in Cosby being acquitted! The same reasons that Bruce Castor, the county’s district attorney in 2005, didn’t charge Cosby are going to play out in 2016… insufficient credible and admissible evidence.  Andrea Constand went to Cosby’s house on three occasions where (according to her) he made unwanted advances.The first time they ate dinner, she drank a couple glasses of wine and he reached over and touched her pants, waist and inner thighs. She resisted, got up to leave and on the way out Cosby gave her a bottle of perfume. Ms. Constand went to his house again, had a couple glasses of wine and out of the  blue he unbuttoned her pants and began touching her. Again Constand thwarted the unwanted advance and soon after departed only to continue to socialize with Cosby at parties and professional functions. The third time Constand went to Cosby’s home he invited her to dinner and she knew Cosby would be alone. He requested she wear something comfortable. I don’t get it and neither will a jury. Her subsequent claim that he drugged her (she willingly took 3 blue pills) and assaulted her in her impaired state took almost a year to surface, ( in Canada no less) is a defense attorney’s softball. While Cosby and Constand agreed to settle out of court for an undisclosed amount in November 2006, the reason to now charge Cosby 10 years later is, well??..

Perhaps you’re thinking that in both cases, the victims lose, while the perpetrators win. But who is the real perpetrator? At least in the Cosby case the victims are still alive……..I’m Just Saying!

Opinion by James Cannon

Edited by Christine Houston


Michael Mclaughlin’s “Here Are The Complete and Creepy Accusations against Bill Cosby” in the 12/20/15 edition of Huffpost

Crime and Matt Giles and Nate Jones “A Timeline of the Abuse Charges against Bill Cosby (Updated) in Vulture 12/30/15

4 Responses to "Bill Cosby Charged With Sexual Assault? I’m Just Saying!"

  1. James Cannon   February 12, 2018 at 5:51 am

    I was proved to be right on!!!

  2. ronlad   May 17, 2017 at 4:36 am

    So it’s obvious that a lot of people don’t know much about the law. How would it be that if a relative of yours was in this situation. What about justice, what does justice look like. So because a relative is in a situation like this is that the criterium for whether the person gets justice or not. So only the people who you are not related to can get their day in court. Because it doesn’t really look like they have a strong case against him. It’s a lot of media hype and innuendo and supposition and speculation. But no real solid evidence they for all intents and purposes don’t really have a case. Furthermore she was monetarily compensated so what happens to the monetary compensation that she received and out-of-court settlement

  3. James Cannon   January 2, 2016 at 1:45 pm

    I am not saying Cosby is not guilty or guilty of all the accusations that have been made against him.What I am saying is that the case he is being arrested on is more about the Media Hype and publicity to further tarnish his name and legacy than conviction. I’m Just Saying, he won’t be convicted on this case!

  4. Cherese Jackson   January 2, 2016 at 11:19 am

    James, you pose a passionate argument which reflects the mindset of many, however, Mr. Cosby, if guilty, should be prosecuted. Andrea Constand is the only person who still has any legal space to come against him because of the time frame….. so if her accusations serve as any relief for any of the other 50 plus victims…. BRAVO!

    The problem surrounding the numerous murders involving unarmed black men is a definite crisis. However, my question is, “Should all crimes be “forgiven” while we wait for a miracle of support within our own community?”

    Both of these issues are horrible – I’ve written several articles surrounding both – however just because officers have not been properly charged in other instances does not mean that Cosby should not be charged in this one. ….. I’m just saying!

    At any rate, you are definitely entitled to your opinion and have the right to express it. Perhaps, if any of the victims were closely related to those who believe the accusations have no merit, the weight of this would be a bit different.


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