Breast Cancer Can Be Prevented and Cured Naturally [Video]

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Dr. Thomas Seyfried, a leading pioneer in natural cancer treatment research, calls cancer a treatable mitochondrial metabolic disease. All cancer, including breast cancer, can be prevented and cured naturally by making simple dietary changes. He has written over 150 peer-reviewed articles and wrote Cancer as a Metabolic Disease. In this book, he details the ketogenic diet that starves cancer cells.

Part of Seyfried’s research proved that cancer requires glucose to thrive. Carbohydrates convert to glucose when metabolized. Therefore, by eliminating simple carbs from the diet and replacing them with non-starchy vegetables, lean protein, and healthy fats, any cancer cells that reside in the body will eventually starve to death.

This author, having owned a natural medical clinic, has personally witnessed over 50 cancer patients who survived their dreaded breast cancer diagnosis using only natural means. All of these patients continue to thrive, living happy and healthy lives today. More than half of those patients were given only months to live and were warned that without traditional cancer treatment, they would not survive.

Doctor Joseph M. Mercola, a respected osteopath physician and a champion of alternative medicine, reports that every year, almost two million Americans are diagnosed with cancer. Despite the massive collection of money donated to cancer research and technological advances, one out of every three people will develop cancer in their lifetime. For a disease that receives so much income for research, one would think a better cure than poison would have been discovered by now.

Mercola believes the cancer epidemic is a proven cash cow for Big Pharma. Their efforts to squelch any success of cancer cures are horrific and intense. Medical clinics cannot claim to “cure” cancer in fear of being shut down, or worse. Big Pharma wants the public to believe that the only cure for cancer comes from expensive therapies that only heavily-regulated medical hospitals can administer.

It should be noted that despite the number of natural cancer recoveries, the medical industry spends none of their multi-billion dollar resources on prevention strategies. They do not educate their patients on the importance of diet, exercise, and maintaining a healthy weight. There is no reason to empower people to cure themselves. Cancer is big business for the medical industry. The standard cancer treatment earns them approximately $50,000, with chemotherapy being the most profitable. Patients can expect to spend anywhere from $3,000 to $7,000 a month for cancer treatment.

If more natural cures are exposed, the medical industry, including Big Pharma, and the FDA would lose a vital income source. Unfortunately, their power and control has been growing over the years.

One hundred years ago, international bankers owned the drug and chemical companies, which gained them control over the medical education system. In exchange for seats on their board and the right to control policy, they issued grants to the AMA and the top medical schools. Eventually, every federal regulatory agency that relates to the practice of medicine was dictated by this strategically engineered board of directors.

The following story of a woman in Spain demonstrates how breast cancer can be prevented and cured naturally. This woman was diagnosed with Stage III hormone-dependent breast cancer and started traditional radiation therapy as prescribed by her doctor. The treatments made her so sick that she lost over 30 pounds in a matter of weeks, but it did not affect the cancer that was plaguing her body. She decided to stop treatment and try a more natural cure. After following strict dietary guidelines and lifestyle changes for three consecutive months, her body healed itself. Her next doctor’s visit showed the tumors had vanished. Her doctor contributed it to the radiation therapy, which is interesting because she had been told by her radiologist, oncologist, and surgeon that radiotherapy would not kill the tumors. Given that natural therapy is frowned upon in her region, she did not dare tell her doctor that she was trying an alternative therapy, for fear of losing his support.

Those who are diagnosed with cancer, or who simply want to prevent the disease from taking over their life, can follow Dr. Mercola’s simple plan, which includes eating at least one-third of food raw, meaning more salads and less cooked vegetables. As part of the plan, eliminate processed and grain-based foods, such as bread, sugar, and fructose, from the diet; these foods break down too fast and generate cancer-feeding glucose. Adherents to the plan should eat no more than 70 grams of lean protein per day and incorporate more organic eggs and avocados. Use avocado oil in place of vegetable oil, and add a healthy dose of probiotics to the diet.

When diagnosed with breast cancer, or any cancer for that matter, always get a second or third opinion. Many clients at the medical clinic were diagnosed with “potential breast cancer,” meaning the clients had a gene that predisposed them to this condition. Their biopsies were benign (non-cancerous), yet they were still convinced to have a double mastectomy and chemotherapy treatment as a preventative measure. What a shame.

Dr. Mercola once said, “With respect to credibility in medicine, ‘quack’ is synonymous with competition.” There are many good doctors out there who support natural medicine. Take the time to find one that supports alternative cures. Time has proven that breast cancer can be prevented and cured naturally, but it does take discipline and a positive mindset. The best remedy for any disease is prevention.

The following documentary, posted by Volker, exposes how the pharmaceutical industry and the American Medical Association (AMA) joined forces to overtake the medical industry in four easy steps:

Opinion by Rowena Portch

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