Donald Trump Endorsed by Nevada Assemblyman Brent Jones [Complete Audio]

Donald Trump Endorsed by Nevada Assemblyman Brent JonesLas Vegas-Donald Trump received an endorsement from Nevada Assemblyman Brent Jones in Las Vegas on Thursday. He announced his support for the frontrunner at the South Point Hotel and Casino. The Assemblyman spoke prior to Trump taking the stage. The room was filled to capacity and overflow rooms provided were also filled.

Hotel staffer, Ryan Growney   said “people started lining up to see Mr. Trump as early 6 a.m. Thursday morning and many were turned away”

IMG_9829Jones spoke to the crowd outlining where he and Trump were aligned on issues such as ending Common Core and repealing Obamacare. Jones is also a businessman in Las Vegas and owns the Company, Real Water.  Jones said “Take a look at our National debt right now, we need someone who truly understands real business and economics” In his speech he acknowledged he had read the “Art of the Deal’ and suggested to the crowd that if they had not read the book, they should.

The Nevada Assemblyman has a history of fighting Common Core in the state. He was recently ranked number 8 in the list of  the “Most fascinating conservatives to watch in 2016” by Chuck Muth, a political writer in Nevada.

Jones praised the presidential candidate on his knowledge of economics, job creation and his negotiating skills and talked about how Trump revived the New York Wollman Skating Rink located in Central Park.

Wayne Allyn Root, former vice Presidential Candidate for the Libertarian Party, opened the event speaking to the energized room of Trump supporters.

By Lucy Lane

Source: Author attended event

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