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Business in the Front Party in the Back Grammy Red Carpet Show Shockers


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Zendaya strutted her stuff on the Red Carpet at the 2016 Grammy Awards with her business in the front, party in the back, blonde mullet. Zendaya is one of the stars who seems to enjoy taking daring steps in style and beauty choices on the red carpet. She wore a black Dsquared2 tuxedo and her makeup was gorgeous, according to Hollywood Life, noting the CoverGirl did it herself.

That was not all that was reported as shocking on the red carpet. Bonnie McKee wore a disco-style silver suit, with an interesting cut and nothing under her jacket. It may be that she hoped to rely on her signature pink hair to carry her through to the event.

Diana Gloster wore a sweeping white gown with black musical bars all around the skirt. The musical style full skirting was topped with a standard white strapless top and came together with a wide black band at the waist.

Angelique Kidjo’s outfit was topped with a Grammy. Literally, it was on her head. Mankia and Z LaLa, both arrived in Vegas showgirl outfits. According to the Muse, it may be they wanted to garner attention, given many people had no idea who these women were.

Carrie Underwood came prepared for a costume party, dressed as Vanna White, says the Muse. They also referred to her red carpet look as “transmogrifying.”

Elle King brought her swag to the red carpet in her short black dress with long black feathers. The Muse called this look her, “Mae West.” They also stated, amused, that Josh Groban was dressed for success at his first parent-teacher conference.

Sam Hunt was rocking his silky purple tuxedo. Skylar Gray, however, was putting on her best “witchy attitude,” stated Muse, in her sheer Nicksian black gown.

Taylor Swift sported her bob and bangs, dressed up with a long full pink skirt and orange tube top. The Muse says this is a great color combination. Apparently, the Muse has that 60s attitude of high fashion. Swift was also rocking her red lipstick.

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Andra Dae walked the red carpet wearing a fitted emerald green dress. The skirt flared out at her thigh. The front of the skirt ended after her knees and flowed back to the floor. However, the Muse does not approve of the white furry… slippers (?) and the bright white stole.

Dencia appeared comfy pink pajamas that had the Muse jealous. However, the one-piece had lots of glitz and pockets. There may even have been a teddy bear.

The Muse accused Big Sean of wearing his classic Ocean’s 11 tuxedo and claimed to not know who Kaley Cuoco was. She was accused of being a reality television star! However, says she was looking fine in her white beaded pantsuit, with just a little cleavage.

Tove Lo was wearing a gothic gown, “like a member of the Volturi.” Bonnie Raitt looked great in her own Bonnie Raitt signature look that the Muse gives much respect. Model, Bella Hadid walked the red carpet in her black gown with a neckline few women can pull off…although, some are still looking for it. Hint: it starts at her belly button.

Ciara is wearing…well, the Muse refers to it as her “What da Fuq is Wrong Witchu Russell Wilson Official Commemoration Grammy Ensemble.” Needless to say, no it must be said, it is entirely possible the designer may have run short on fabric for her dress.

Opinion by Jeanette Smith
Edited by Cathy Milne


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