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Severe Thunderstorms and Tornadoes for Mid-South


According to Accuweather, severe thunderstorms are predicted for Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2016, from Florida to Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, and southern New Jersey. The storms will create a ripe environment for tornadoes from Virginia to South Carolina around the time children will be dismissed from school. Cities at the highest risk for tornadoes include Charleston, South Carolina; Raleigh, North Carolina; and Norfolk, Virginia.

The biggest threats from this severe storm system that has been moving since Monday will be caused by damaging winds, flash flooding, and hail. Into the evening, the threat of thunderstorms will move toward the north. It is expected to affect Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and Baltimore. It could possibly reach the area of New York City. Wednesday night into Thursday morning, downpours and strong winds are expected to cover the rest of the Northeast corridor of the I-95.

Those who could be impacted by the weather alerts should be prepared for conditions to change rapidly. An action plan is necessary in cases of severe weather, including thunderstorms in local areas.

Even if severe weather is not predicted for the area, Accuweather states people should head for shelter when thunder is heard. Residents are encouraged to keep aware and ahead of violent thunderstorms. Once the cold front moves out of the area, the extreme thunderstorms creating the environment which causes tornadoes will quiet down. This is not predicted until the end of the week.

By Jeanette Smith


Accuweather: Severe weather to target Florida to North Carolina, Virginia Wednesday
Image Courtesy of David Clow’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License