‘The Voice’ Heats Up With Blake Shelton and Christina Aguilera Feud

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The VoiceMusical competition The Voice heats up again, but this time, it is due to the Blake Shelton and Christina Aguilera feud. The beef between the celebrity judges is centered on the departure of Shelton’s love interest Gwen Stefani from the show. Reportedly, the country singer is taking out his frustrations on Aguilera because she returned and replaced his girlfriend.

Shelton made his dissatisfaction very clear after learning that his girl would not be back as a judge for Season 10. Allegedly, the judge threatened to leave The Voice after Stefani’s departure was announced. Not only has the show been a huge source of income for the Austin singer, but the viewers love him. Shelton and co-judge, Adam Levine, have long been favorites for their banter back and forth since the beginning. Last year, viewers also enjoyed watching love blossom between Shelton and Stefani.

Reportedly, Aguilera has been uneasy about Shelton and Stefani’s ongoing romance. Now she’s back on The Voice and is said to be fed up with her co-star’s antics. The Beautiful singer had supposedly threatened to leave the show due to the new couple. One source revealed that Aguilera made her determination to return to the vocal competition after on-screen chemistry between the couple led to increased ratings. This had many wondering if the new love interest between the two would secure a permanent spot for Stefani.

Other than Levine and Shelton, the judges have switched over the years, especially with the female participants. Aguilera has returned for Season 10 and claims this is her show. Regardless of rumors that Stefani hooked up with the Hillbilly Bone singer so she could remain a judge on the show, the couple appears to be completely in love. As a result of the singing duo, The Voice heats up, not just with talent, but with the Shelton and Aguilera’s feud.The Voice

The show has already gained attention off-screen with the feud between the co-judges, but so has the romance between the new couple. Reports have surfaced claiming the two are engaged and have suggested that Stefani was pregnant with the God Gave Me You singer’s child before suffering a miscarriage. Although Stefani was seen recently with a huge rock on her finger, the couple has maintained that they are just enjoying life together and not putting any pressure on themselves. They both seem happy with their relationship in whatever stage it is in.

Both of these love birds have had an interesting year. Stefani enjoyed a great run on The Voice amid a painful divorce in her personal life. After just four years of marriage, Shelton also went through a public divorce in July 2015 from famed singer Miranda Lambert. It was not long after the divorce rumors swirled for both of them that rumors of their relationship surfaced. Initially, Shelton and Stefani kept their love affair on the “down low” before confirming later in the year that they were indeed an item.

In addition to whatever lies in the future for the couple, Shelton fans are excited about new music on the horizon. The 39-year-old is back on The Voice, hosting the Nickelodeon 2016 Kids’ Choice Awards, and is featured in the upcoming Angry Birds movie. The Country legend is working on his 12th studio album with his single, Came Here To Forget being released on March 8, 2016. A release date has not been announced for the album, but his girlfriend tweeted to fans “it is good.”

For now, fans can catch both singers on Season 10 of The Voice which airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on NBC. Later this season, Gwen Stefani will also return to the show as the mentor for her lover’s team.  The Voice is still the leading singing competition on television.  Off the set, the show might be hot with the Blake Shelton and Christina Aguilera feud, but on the show, all of  the judges have great synergy together.

By Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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