Mary Rooney Challenges the Establishment Line

Mary Rooney

Mary Rooney, Republican candidate for Nevada Assembly District 41, is ready to challenge the “establishment line.” Over the past several years, the nation has experienced a deterioration of the principles and values that made this country the greatest moral and political force for good in the world. An ever-growing government bureaucracy is encroaching into the personal lives of residents and strangling businesses with stifling regulations. There is an increased dependency on the Federal Government to provide for its citizens at the expense of personal responsibility and achievement. There is also a blatant disregard for the rule of law and a glorification of victimhood. The nation is being ruled, not governed by an elite political class that views the people of this country as a checkbook.

The nation, as a whole, have reached a tipping point where these developments will either destroy the country or the people must destroy them. Republican candidate Rooney has chosen the latter. Rooney is running for Nevada Assembly District 41 and it is part of her mission to challenge the establishment line. Meaning, she will do her utmost to challenge big government, wasteful spending, and “crony capitalism.”

Mary Rooney

As a prime example of crony capitalism, the political leadership in Carson City, Nev., proposed a $1.1 billion tax increase on Nevada businesses and families. That amounts to $393 for every resident of Nevada. They did this despite the fact that the voters have repeatedly defeated any and all tax increase initiatives by huge margins. As recently as November 2015, proposed tax increases to Nevada businesses were defeated by a 4-to-1 margin. Many Nevadans feel the state’s economy is not strong enough to absorb this huge tax burden. The voters are speaking loud and clear. However, the establishment line is not listening. As a candidate for the Nevada Assembly, Rooney believes it is time to make them listen. If elected, Rooney vows to fight for lower taxes for Nevada residents and businesses alike.

John Hambrick, the Nevada Assemblyman currently representing District 2, campaigned for votes on the basis of being against tax increases. He even signed a pledge not to raise taxes. However, something happened on his way to Carson City, and Assemblyman Hambrick is now a staunch and unwavering supporter of this massive $1.1 billion tax increase. It is time for Hambrick to understand that Governor Brian Sandoval (R-Nev.) does not pay his salary, the taxpayers do. In Rooney’s view, it is time to fire Hambrick and put someone in office who will listen to their constituents. If the voters do nothing, this billion dollar tax increase will become law. Therefore, it is up to voters in Nevada Assembly District 2 to recall Hambrick and replace him with someone who will represent voters in the capital city of Carson City, Nevada.

As a candidate for Nevada Assembly District 41, Rooney has been endorsed by current Republican Representative Vicki Dooling and she intends to continue the buzz Dooling began, as well as stand strong in the Nevada Legislative body. She will give her constituents truthful representation and vows to keep her word. Her impetus to get involved in politics stems from a fervent belief that the Federal Government should serve its people; the people should not serve the government. Rooney contends that Nevada cannot continue to support this ever-growing, out-of-control state bureaucracy. If elected, Rooney vows to fight for lower taxes and better education for Nevada residents. If Nevada voters are tired of being ignored and used as a checkbook, they should consider Mary Rooney for Nevada Assembly District 41. She is a candidate committed to challenging the establishment line.

Opinion Written and Edited by Leigh Haugh

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