Shooting in Sydney Australia Leaves One Dead and Gunman at Large


In Sydney, Australia, News7 reported that Wally Ahmad was killed by an unknown shooter on April 29, 2016. There were two additional victims who sustained gunshot wounds. Australian authorities have not released additional details regarding the incident. The police are also not saying whether the other victims were associates of Ahmad or bystanders but insist that the dead man was the target of the attack.

The shooting took place at the Bankstown Central shopping center on the rooftop parking area. The deceased was identified as Amed, 40, who is considered to be a member of the underworld and is a convicted murderer. The other victims’ names have not been released, and they have only been identified as a man, 60, and a woman, 31. There is no word on the condition of these victims.

Sydney police do not believe that there was only a lone gunman involved in the shooting. A burnt out car they believe was involved in the incident was discovered during the investigation of the shooting. Local police are throwing additional resources into investigating the incident in order to prevent any possible retaliation for the murder of Ahmad. Officials in Sydney are urging associates of the victims to resist any potential drastic actions.

By Gichele Cocrelle
Edited by Cathy Milne


Yahoo News 7: Sydney Shooting gunman at large
Photo Courtesy of J. Bar’s Wikipedia Page – Creative Commons License

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