2 People Killed in Plane Crash in Tennessee

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Authorities in Collegedale, Tennessee have confirmed that two people were killed in a small plane crash at a local airport. Two other individuals were also injured. The severity of their injuries has not been released. A spokeswoman for the Collegedale Police, Tonya Sadler, told the media that at least one of the injured people had a head injury and was in critical condition. This individual is expected to have surgery. Sadler continued saying that all four victims were on the same plane. The two survivors were airlifted to Erlanger Medical Center.

Amy Maxwell, a Hamilton County Emergency Services spokeswoman, issued a statement indicating that a single-engine plane crashed on Saturday, June 11, 2016, at the Collegedale Airport. The airport is located approximately 20 miles east of Chattanooga.

Sadler indicated that the aircraft was landing at Collegedale Airport when it crashed. She did not mention what caused the plane to crash upon its arrival at the airport in Tennessee. There was also no indication of whether the aircraft reported any issues prior to its attempt to land. The individuals on the plane were not identified by name. The spokeswoman also did not provide any details about how the crash would be investigated. She was also unaware of whether any individuals outside of the plane were injured or if there was property damage at the airport.

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ABC News: Official Says 2 People Dead in Plane Crash In Tennessee
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