22-Year-Old Hispanic Shot in Forearm on Chicago’s Southwest Side [Photos]


Chicago’s Southwest side community, known as the Little Village, was the scene of yet another shooting on June 6, 2016. This time, the gunfire involved two adult male Hispanics and took place on the corner of 24th and Washtenaw.

shotGuardian Liberty Voice Photojournalist, Untrail D. Boyd, reports that he spoke to Chicago Police Lieutenant, Joseph E. Brennan, who told him that the shooting occurred at approximately 5:20 p.m. CDT.

According to Lieutenant Brennan, a 22-year-old Hispanic man was struck in the forearm by at least one of six shots that were fired by a Hispanic adult male driving a two-door Ford Explorer.

The Lieutenant lamented that the shooting occurred in an area that the officer had been assigned to, taking place at a time when Brennan was on his lunch break.

Boyd reports that when the police arrived at the scene the victim had already been taken to Mount Sinai Hospital by a family member. Several officers were dispatched to Mount Sinai in order to undertake a proper investigation of the incident, while others remained to collect evidence at the scene.


Presently, the reason for the shooting is unknown, but police are combing the area for clues that might help them understand why the victim was shot and targeted.

Guardian Liberty Voice will provide updates as they become available.

Written by DiMarkco Chandler

Photo Journalist: Untrail D. Boyd
Chicago Police Lieutenant, Joseph E. Brennan
All Photo Credits go to Untrail D. Boyd

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