Chicago Cop Still Active After Many Complaints and False Arrests [Video]

ChicagoChicago Police Department’s (CPD) Morsi Murphy is still active after receiving multiple complaints along with false claims and arrests. Murphy called in a robbery which never occurred, arrested a woman for purchasing prescription drugs and rammed her car into the vehicle of a pastor from Chicago with two young daughters inside. The officer then pointed a gun at the minister before she pepper sprayed the woman. These are only a few of the 19 complaints against the Chicago cop who still has a CPD badge.

The CPD has already been accused of embracing a gang-like culture. Reportedly, they have a host of customs and behaviors which are bound by a code of silence. The city’s residents are more afraid of officers in blue than they are of the high level of gang violence which permeates the streets. The alleged behavior of Officer Murphy fits the bill. Reverend Catherine Brown, who was attempting to pull into her driveway when she was attacked by the officer, said:

It’s a sad situation. She needs to be held accountable and taken off the street.

In another bizarre incident, Murphy who was off-duty, called in a robbery to 911 which involved a man who was purchasing snacks at a local 7-Eleven convenience store. During the emergency call, Murphy reported seeing a knife. She also claimed the robber was a white guy in a gray hoodie, then claimed he was Mexican before later saying there were three black men inside. After reviewing footage from the 7-Eleven, a robbery had not taken place and the supposed knife was never seen.

After the three black men, who had not broken any laws, departed the store Murphy told the emergency operator in a panicked manner that the men were getting inside their vehicle. The officer displayed so much anxiety during the 911 call that she had to be told to calm down and behave like an officer. Murphy then trailed the men and soon after reported another robbery. She informed the emergency operator, with a guarantee, that the men had robbed a gas station.

ChicagoAccording to the Illinois Police Review Authority’s records, the men had not robbed a gas station, nor had they even stopped at one. Officers responding to the 911 call found the men. With guns drawn, they forced the three males from their vehicle and proceeded to question, search and handcuff them. Meanwhile, more officers had gone to the 7-Eleven in response to the robbery claim from Murphy to find that no robbery had taken place. In the meantime, the Chicago cop is still active as the list of complaints and false arrests continue.

This type of behavior has Chicagoans living in fear. If Murphy is allowed to serve while continuously reporting false claims what will happen when she sees an “invisible” gun? Windy City residents cannot understand why she is allowed to “serve” the city and supposedly “protect.” One Chicago native said:

We have so many issues in Chicago. There are street gangs and then the gangs in blue who are legally allowed to carry and shoot guns. This woman is dangerous. Calling in a fake robbery is so dangerous especially with how trigger-happy cops are these days. And then to arrest someone for getting a prescription? How can she justify her behavior? And how can CPD justify keeping her on? People who are this unstable shouldn’t have the right to make life and death decisions against the general public.

During ten years as an officer, Murphy has received 19 complaints. She was suspended for 30 days for the false robbery call.  Additionally, a federal lawsuit against the officer and the city was filed and eventually settled in response to the unjustified prescription drug arrest. In response to Murphy’s many complaints and false arrests, one woman said:

A 30-day suspension for making false claims of robberies, ramming cars with women and children inside, 19 complaints in 10 years (God only knows what else she’s been involved in)! Suppose these had been 3 promising young people (or anyone not committing a crime) who were detained, arrested and charged for these false claims! Clearly she needs to be suspended pending termination with no pay, drug tested and a psych evaluation because she poses a danger to the public and other officers, her Union rep shouldn’t even argue this case.

Officials from the CPD have refused to render any comments on the case against Murphy for the allegations received by Reverend Brown due to the pending lawsuit. However, they have promised, “Individuals will be held accountable should any wrongdoing be discovered.” Currently, Officer Michelle Morsi Murphy is still active amid many complaints and false arrests.

By Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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