Shooting Inside Gay Nightclub in Orlando Florida [Updated]


Unconfirmed reports of shooting taking place in Pulse Orlando nightclub in Florida, began flooding social media sites at approximately 2:00 a.m. EDT on June 12, 2016. There were multiple postings on Facebook telling patrons of the LGBT nightclub to get out of the club.

There was a tweet posted with an image of police vehicles in route, the writer indicated it was a photo of police responding to an incident at the nightclub. Also noted on was a reporter from WESH had stated there was a suspect barricaded inside.

However, at the time, the police had not released information confirming the situation.

According to RT News, there are multiple reports indicating there were several shots heard. One claimed that there was a gunman who might be wearing a bomb barricaded inside with hostages. Yet another report was that there was a mass shooting with at least 20 people being shot.

Update: 3:51 a.m. there is no word from officials yet and all reports to this point have been from social media and the posts were allegedly from patrons inside the club.

Update: 4:02 a.m. “Orlando Sentinel” reported that the Orlando Police are responding to a situation at Pulse Orlando at 1912 South Orange Avenue.

Update: 5:26 a.m. According to CNN-Live, there was a loud explosion. The Orlando Police posted a tweet to advise that the noise was a police-activated explosion.

Update: 5:51 a.m. CNN-Live reported that the police have confirmed the situation consists of mass casualties. They are expecting support from Federal, State, and other agencies.

Furthermore, the police have stated the shooter inside the club is dead.

Guardian Liberty Voice will continue to provide updates as they become available.

Written by Cathy Milne


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