Senseless Crime in Old Town Maine


At 3:00 a.m. ET, on Aug. 14, 2016, two men were jumped, in Old Town, Maine. The incident occurred across the street from the Milford On the Run convenience store on Center Street.

One of the men attacked is 5 feet 11 inches tall with red hair and the other is African-American, with a large afro and he is 5 feet 7 inches tall. The men were in their late 20s.

The victims told officers from the Old Town Police Department that four young men were taunting them while they were walking to the store to purchase cigarettes. When they crossed the street after leaving the store, one saw three of the young men, who were reportedly in their late teens-early 20s. One of the attackers circled the victims on his skateboard while the other two continued to taunt them with racial slurs and name calling.

Once it became apparent that the victims were either going to have to fight or have their attackers follow them home, they stopped ignoring their taunts. As the skateboarder tightened his circle around the four men, a warning kick was delivered. In response, the taunters attacked.

One of the victims was attacked head-on by an assailant and while they grappled, another came from bushes and helped knock the victim to the ground. The aggressors kicked him in the back and ribs. The second victim jumped in to help and was attacked from behind by three more aggressors. During the scuffle, one of the victims reported seeing a sixth male. It is unsure if he was standing watch or was one of the assailants. What appears to be certain is this was not a random attack.

Signs the Men Were the Targets of a Senseless Crime in Old Town, Maine:

  • They were attacked after leaving the store, therefore, robbery did not appear to be their motive.
  • The attackers were not merely fighting, they were punching and kicking vital organs, ribs, the back of the neck, and head. Their intent was to hurt these men.
  • Less than an hour prior to the fight, a young man was ejected from the home of one of the victims. It was reported by a neighbor that this teenage male was obviously angry.
  • More assailants appeared once the scuffle began.
  • During the scuffle, the contents of everyone’s pockets were scattered across the ground, yet the only thing taken by the assailants was a cell phone that had been accidently left behind.
  • No one is talking.

According to a local resident, typically, when a crime is committed in Old Town, Maine, the story, or some version of it, is heard by the majority of the town. Although the victims gave statements to the local police, they were re-interviewed by Detective Jordan Norton on Aug. 17. This was after the police had asked them if they could identify the assailants from pictures, leading them to believe the attackers may have been in trouble before. It was believed, from the descriptions given, that the officers had an idea who these young men might have been.

Several parties have been interviewed. The two most common responses have been, “The police are handling it,” and “I haven’t heard anything.”

The Description of  Some the Assailants:

  • White male; 5 feet 5 inches tall; short, curly, sandy-brown hair; medium build
  • White male; on white banana board (fishtail skateboard); tall; dark hair; wore a red baseball cap backward
  • White male; stalky build; white tank top; shorter than 5 feet 10 inches; spiderweb prison tattoo on the left side of his neck

The Old Town, Maine Police Department is looking for any information about the assailants or the fight. The tipline for the police department is located on their website.

No names are being released at this time, as the only names the local police have confirmed are those of the victims.

By Jeanette Smith

Images Courtesy of Jeanette Smith – Used with Permission

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