Hillary Clinton Holds 6-Point Lead Despite FBI Probe [Update]

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Despite the e-mail FBI probes currently ongoing, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton holds a 6-point lead over her rival Donald Trump. On October 31, 2016, at approximately 4:00 P.m. EDT, NBC announced, “James Comey, FBI Director, released a statement about the Democratic nominee having several emails on a nonsecure server.”

The timing of the FBI probe, while Clinton holds a 6-point lead over Trump, remains coincidental. According to NBC: “A recent poll tracking the election asked voters whether or not the release of Comey’s letter was a publicity stunt to distract them or an attempt to address an actual problem. Due to the timing of the letter’s release, about 56 percent of voters believe the letter was to deter voters from voting for the Democratic nominee and remains unaffected.”

Voters have spoken out about the need for the FBI to probe Clinton, as she poses a threat to Trump as she holds a national 6-point lead.

Update: CNN Politics

A Poll conducted by CNN Politics shows that Clinton has a 5-point lead over North Carolina; a state Trump needs to win.

Written By Jhayla D. Tyson
Edited by Cathy Milne

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