Veteran Slams Donald Trump in Viral Video [Video]

veteranA veteran slams Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump in a video titled, “I am So Pissed I Can’t See Straight!” He starts by admitting that he is not one to post videos like this but can no longer hold in it. Trump has angered many people with multiple slanderous outbursts, but the one that set off Ronn Easton is his allegation that the candidate said, “Only weak people get PTSD.”

The number of suicides and other grave effects resulting from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in the military has skyrocketed. It has been an ongoing cause of alarm for vets, active military, and the public at large. Iraq War veteran and Chairman of the progressive, Jon Soltz, called Trump’s comments “horrible” but “not shocking.” He went on to say:

We’re talking about a person, in Trump, who believes that POWs aren’t real heroes and that he’s made sacrifices akin to Gold Star Families who lost their loved ones in war. The constant disrespect Donald Trump shows towards our veterans and service members is sickening, and completely and totally disqualifying.

Easton took to Facebook to describe some of the horrifying experiences he and other war heroes have endured to keep this country safe. The vet shared vivid details of hearing soldiers crying after their legs had been blown off in combat because it made them feel like half a man. He talked about the screams of soldiers who sacrificed their lives so that others, like Trump, could have the freedoms that many so callously take for granted. Easton, then directed the following statement to the arrogant candidate:

Trump, I bet you didn’t know that on the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial, there are 58,307 names of heroes, my brothers, and sisters, who did not have the chance to get PTSD because they made the ultimate sacrifice. They fought so that you would have the freedom to turn the presidential election into the biggest sideshow I have ever seen in veteranmy life.

You, like a lot of privileged white males back in the day, took a deferment because you had a weak ankle or bone spur and more than likely, a yellow streak up your back. You saw your personal whoring around as Vietnam. I cannot tell you how much that offends me. Your statement lets me know that you don’t give a d*mn about the 22 suicides that happen every day.

The fact that you took almost a billion dollar exemption on your taxes and have not paid federal taxes for almost two decades. When I came home from Vietnam I had to start paying my taxes right away. I haven’t seen this amount of blatant racism since I was a child in Memphis back in the 50s. Trump, you are not fit to be commander-in-chief. You are not fit to sit in the Oval Office. Your campaign is nothing more than the biggest sideshow I have ever seen in a presidential election. When you lose, and you will lose, I pray to God that you just go back to Trump Towers never to be seen or heard from again.

The outraged veteran ended his outcry by begging people to go out and vote for anybody other than Donald J. Trump. The video has gone viral and received much praise. Many people thanked Easton for his service and vowed to hit the polls. They expressed similar sentiments against the face for the Republican Party. One woman said:

Thank you for speaking out. You are a True Hero Mr, Easton. Know that we support all those who serve our country and fight for our freedom. I share your eloquent words and this sideshow is truly a disgrace to everything we are as a nation. Thanks for covering our six – we will cover yours and vote our conscience in this election! God Bless and Good Speed.

Easton slams Trump in this viral video. While many agree, a few attempted to blame the media for twisting the candidate’s words. They offered slim explanations on how much Trump supported the military and would never speak harshly against the armed forces. One person thanked the veteran for his service, but added:

You heard Trump’s statement through the media started by Hillary. You should watch the video with the veteran and Trump LIVE. Does being captured automatically make someone a hero? It made McCain famous but what about the soldiers who weren’t captured. They were most likely heroes too.

Both Hillary Clinton and Trump have received harsh backlash from voters throughout the campaign. This presidential election has been labeled a joke with many onlookers stating that neither candidate is a good representative for America. This reasoning has some sitting on the sidelines with a stance against voting. However, the ability to vote is not only a right but also a responsibility for all who are citizens of this great country.

Whether viewers of the video, which has gone viral, support the veteran’s statement or not, he should be deemed a hero. He, like so many others, fought on war grounds to safeguard America’s freedom. The military has been on missions which exposed soldiers to horrible and life-threatening experiences. These types of events can lead to PTSD and there nothing about post-traumatic stress disorder that signifies weakness.

By Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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