Kanye West the Latest Illuminati Victim? [Video]


KanyeKanye West displayed the signs of a mental breakdown while on tour and feels as if he is under spiritual attack. Many are now wondering what exactly is going on with Kanye. Some are asking if this is some type of music industry ritual or a Kardashian curse and how can artists protect themselves? Others are saying this is just the public unraveling of a celebrity who was never stable from the beginning. He has benefited from all the entertainment industry has to offer and now since things are not going his way,  some feel he is blaming it on “spirit” forces. Is he just whining or is Kanye the latest Illuminati victim?

According to conspiracy theorists, many worldwide events are the fault of the Illuminati. Supposedly, the main objective is the creation of a New World Order. Population control, global warfare, John F. Kennedy’s assassination, the French Revolution, and so many other things are an alleged result of this secret society. The suspicion that the Illuminati has taken over Hollywood continues to soar across the internet. Artifacts, along with music and film have been “accused” of using subliminal messages in hopes of controlling the masses.

Reportedly, a Bavarian named Adam Weishaupt created the secret society in 1776. All inductees were required to take an oath of secrecy. The foundation has a frame much like the freemasonry and included aristocrats and diplomats. Although the society has evolved to some extinct, one would have to question why it would open its wings to embrace and invite such a wildly tempered individual. Is Kanye the latest Illuminati victim?

During an interview featuring the rapper and Kid Cudi, Kanye shares a message, which he revisited during his tour, where he claims that artists are scared to speak out for fear of losing everything. The “College Dropout” lyricist said:

I sold my soul to the Devil
I know it’s a crappy deal
least it came with a few toys like a happy meal
I’m spaced out dog
I be on that moon talk
I wonder if God ask Mike how to moon walk…

Some conspiracy theorists believe Tupac lost his life years ago for exposing the Illuminati and, more recently, so did Prince. Within the lyrics above, Kanye seems to suggest that Michael Jackson fell victim to the Illuminati after he displayed bravery by standing for “something.” What is alarming is when watching the video, is how the crowd continued to cheer after the “Through the Wire” rapper openly claimed to have sold his soul to the Devil.Kanye

Ironically, Yeezy burst into the music scene with the song entitled, “Jesus Walk”.  Regardless of how spiritual that song may be, it seems the artist has lost the battle over his soul, which he now claims belongs to the Devil. Perhaps, his recent meltdown will cause him to repent and return to the Father just as the Prodigal Son referenced in a well-known biblical parable documented in Luke 15.

The relationship between celebrities and the Illuminati will continue to spark debates. Suspicions will rise and fall with the deaths of celebrity personalities. Videos and symbols continue to feed the conspiracy theorists arguments, but much of the rumors go unsubstantiated. Kanye is a musician who loves the spotlight. While everyone is looking at him and others in the entertainment industry the “real secret society” will go unnoticed. Is Kanye the latest Illuminati victim? Probably not.

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Opinion by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


The Dogg Star: Kanye West Sold his Soul to the Devil

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  2. Funny article. As if the Illuminati would acknowledge Kanye’s existence. That’s beyond absurd. Only Kanye would think that could possibly happen. The sad reality is he lacks both the substance and significance required to be a person of interest. Only he and his simpleton fans think his writing is more than marginal prose for a grade 5 poet. He is irrelevant.

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