Chicago Bears Will Win It All Including Super Bowl LIII

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BearsThe Chicago Bears will win it all. What does that mean? It means just that. The Chicago bears will win Super Bowl LIII. What’s more, they will win it with both defense and offense. In other word, win it all.

Rex Huppke, contact reporter for the Chicago Tribune echoed the opinion posited in this report when he stated: “The Chicago Bears are going to win Super Bowl LIII.” What is more interesting is that Huppke made the prediction in a Sept. 2018 articles titled, Khalil ‘Midway’ Mack will lead the Bears to this year’s Super Bowl — I GUARANTEE IT!

Now what makes Huppke’s forecast so surprisingly fortuitous is that it was made long before anyone could have know that the bears would finish the 2018 regular NFL season with a record of 12-4. So 5 months after Huppke’s prophetic prediction, the Bears enter the first round of the playoff as 6 point favorites to beat the Philadelphia Eagles.

Looking back before the start of the 2018 NFL season, Huppke stood alone with his prediction.

One of the more prominent personalities in professional sports has recently affirmed Huppke’s prediction. Former NFL safety Louis Riddick, who presently provides on-air football analysis for ESPN, was quoted as saying that the Chicago Bears would win the Super Bowl. The article, written by Matt Eurich, specifically states that:

Riddick… believes the Bears will represent the NFC in the Super Bowl down in Atlanta and he recently took that proclamation a step further. When appearing on Get Up! on ESPN last week, Riddick predicted Chicago will not lose another game this entire season.

Riddick’s bold prediction is given even greater weight when one considers he has no real partisan ties to Chicago. In fact, if he were to be partisan with his opinions, the ESPN announcer would have arguably chosen the Philadelphia Eagles as the team to win it all. And why not? Riddick was hired as a pro scout by the Eagles in 2008 and then promoted to Director of Pro Personnel in 2010. Therefore, he could have easily favored the Eagles to win Super Bowl LII. As a sports on-air analyst, Riddick has integrity and pointed out that:

The Vikings are an awfully talented football team, but I just believe in what Matt Nagy has constructed, along with GM Ryan Pace up there in Chicago… Just let me up the ante, I think they win it. I think they win it all.”

Riddick is another highly respected sports analyst who intelligently provides sound support for his Super Bowl prediction. Moreover, he does not have a dog in the race. So coming from him, makes a lot of people turn their heads.

A more partisan opinion is made by Cody Rivera, contributing writer for online sports site called Rivera argues that the Chicago Bears could bring home the Lombardi Trophy. One might find it quite interesting that this partial reporter uses the word “might,” especially since the other analysts mentioned earlier in this report, seemed quite sure in their predictions. Nevertheless, Rivera give readers some credible evidence to support his opinion.

Rivera writes that the Bears have exceeded expectations that many sports writers held for them this season. Later in his report he writes that Chicago is “playing defense at an elite level.” Rivera is alluding to the outstanding play of Khalil Mack, who forces fumbles, and produces sacks as he leads the Bears defense. Rivera also points that the improved play of Chicago’s second-year quarterback, Mitchell Trubisky. He states that Trubisky has made considerable improvement since Matt Nagy has taken over the team as head coach.

Rivera sums up his argument by asserting that if the Bears defense plays like it played during the regular season, and if Trubisky does not turn over the football, the Bears have a better than good chance to win it all including Super Bowl LIII.

For those that have followed the Chicago Bears this season, one thing is clear, they could have arguably won every game they played this season. Therefore, when all is said and done, one might find the Bears a safe bet to win it all including Super Bowl LIII.

By DiMarkco Chandler

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