Government Shutdown Continues Without a Resolution in Sight

Government President Donald Trump used Twitter to announce he had important news about the border crisis and government shutdown on Friday, Jan. 18, 2019. However, on Saturday, he did not discuss what he announced on Saturday.

Moreover, the president did not grant answer reporters questions. Nothing was resolved, and Saturday brought Americans the 28th of the partial government shutdown.

The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post reported that the president was about to offer protection to millions of DACA immigrants from deportation. To do so, he insisted the legislative branch grant the executive branch almost $6 billion dollars to build the wall along the southern border.

Unnamed officials in the federal government stated that the idea of granting the “dreamers” their protection is a peace offering to Congressional Democrats. However, Axios reported that the president is ready to support the Bridge Act. The act would then provide three years of legal status for DACA participants. Additionally, it would also continue to provide work authorization for the minors.

The Bridge Act was initially proposed by Republican U.S. Senator Lindsay Graham and Democrat U.S. Senator Dick Durbin. Then the president stated that the budget must contain the money to build the wall. Democrats have refused to grant his demands, and as a result, the partial government shutdown will continue.

What is an Executive Order?

An executive order is an official order from the President of the United States. The order tends to have the same authority as the power of a law passed by Congress.

George Washington was the first president to use the power of executive government order. Washington’s first order coordinated his department heads, or subordinates, to submit reports about their operation in June 1789.

In the course of U.S. history, the executive branch has used an executive order to expand their power. reported that the degree of the order can be controversial, as well.

The act is not in the Constitution. However, Article II of the Constitution states that the president’s role is to create the laws of the land is faithfully executed.

The president instructs the government how to work within the parameters already set by Congress and the Constitution. Also, this permits the Commander and Chief to push through changes of policy. They can do so without the authorization of Congress.

The executive order does not have the ability to create a new law. It is not as powerful as Congress.

The New York Times reported that Jan. 21, was the month-long anniversary of the government shutdown. As of January 25, the record-breaking government remains shut down with no end visible to the American people.

Written by John A. Federico
Edited by Cathy Milne-Ware


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Featured Image Courtesy of David Stanley’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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