Jimmy Osmond Suffers a Stroke While Playing Captain Hook in ‘Peter Pan’

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Pop-singer 55-year-old Jimmy Osmond is presently in the hospital in the U.K. after having a stroke after a performance in a show he was starring in. Osmand was playing the character of Captain Hook in the show Peter Pan which is staged at the Birmingham Hippodrome.

In a statement from the spokesperson of the singer, he stated that Osmond completed the evening’s performance in pain and was rushed to the hospital. He is presently under the care of a doctor and is resting. He is thankful for all the well wishes and will be taking months off to recuperate.

Osmond is the youngest child in the famous family singing group the Osmond family.  The pop star’s  song ‘Long Haired Lover From Liverpool’ mad him the youngest individual to reach number one in the U.K. He is also very popular in Japan and was known as pop-star ‘Jimmy Boy.’

Darren Day who is a TV celebrity and British singer will fill in for the singer later this week. In the meantime, his understudy will take the role.

Fiona Allan who is the Birmingham Hippodrome’s Artistic Director state that everybody is saddened by Jimmy’s illness. We all love him and send him and his family best wishes and we hope he has a quick recovery.

His brother Donny asked for prayers. He tweeted that he thanks them for all the prayers and thoughts for Jimmy and he posted a picture of them as young children. Donny who is 61-years-old added that he loves him.

Osmond’s sister Marie age 59 tweeted that she was sending prayers to Jimmy.

Osmond is married with four children. In 2014 he had a stroke due to a whole within his heart that did not close after he was born. The name of this condition is called patenent formen ovale.

In 2015 Osmond told Parade Magazine that while he was on stage he felt a pop and couldn’t see. He didn’t know what it was and he thought he had a migraine.

Osmond will not return to the show which is scheduled to end January 27, 2019.

Written By Barbara Sobel


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