Super Blood Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse Just Another Doomsday Invention?

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eclipseIs the upcoming super blood wolf moon lunar eclipse just another doomsday invention? According to Ryan F. Mandelbaum, science writer at Gizmodo, it totally is. Mandelbaum has completely debunked the cacophony of voices that are claiming that the approaching lunar eclipses should be actually understood as a super blood wolf moon eclipse.

In Mandelbaum’s most recent Gizmodo post, he states:

They’re called lunar eclipses. Don’t call them “blood moons.” Don’t call them “super blood moons,” either. And a “Super blood wolf moon” is not a thing, so don’t ever utter that phrase. Just call them Lunar eclipses. Please.”

Well Mr. Mandelbaum, the conspiracy theorists at Q106.5 FM radio are not having it as one their online writers is clearly spreading a message that claims their will be a “Super Blood Wolf Moon” eclipse that they will not want to miss. The station’s writers even attempts to explain to his audience that the term “Blood Moon” is a reference that describes the red color that emanates when the Moon invades earth’s shadow during a lunar eclipse.

But that is exactly what Mandelbaum makes clear; and he is quite emphatic with his clarification. He says, “Let’s start with the facts.” Mandelbaum then explains that from January 20 to January 21 a lunar eclipse will occur once the Moon enters the Earth’s shadow. He furthers points out that eclipses exclusively results when the Moon is new or full during its ecliptic crossing. By his reasoning, there is nothing special about the event other than it being a typical lunar eclipse.

However, Inside Edition, like many other news outlets describes the upcoming event as full of excitement. They also call it “a rare lunar phenomenon known as a super blood wolf moon eclipse.” Those are strong words of support for the idea that people should understand the event as unusual and as specifically a super blood wolf moon.

Nevertheless, Mandelbaum is prepared to push back on the doomsday like characterization stating that the term “Blood Moon” was actually invented by Mark Blitz and John Hagee. These two well known Christian ministers are both notorious conspiracy theorist. In their 2013 book, “Four Blood Moons,” the two ministers explain that the meaning behind the term represents an omen of the coming of end times as communicated in the Book of Joel.

Mandelbaum is nevertheless fearless as he credibly argues that the super moon names simply comes from the fact that the moon is closer to the earth and therefore appears larger and brighter to one viewing the ecliptic event. He goes on to state that “a lunar eclipse during one of the these regular occurrences has ended up with the awful nickname “super blood moon.”

Perhaps Mandelbaums most interesting point is when he talks about where the claim of it being also called a wolf Moon. A number of news outlets allege that the term wolf moon comes from the name that native Americans gave to the first full Moon of the new year. However, Mandelbaums does not by the explanation and states that a quick search reveals that such that notion is probably not true.

Super blood Moon, super blood wolf moon lunar eclipse or just plain old Lunar eclipse, Mandelbaums arguably make a good argument that the term is merely a doomsday invention. Nevertheless, it is still worth observing.

By DiMarkco Chandler


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