6.1 Magnitude Earthquake Rocks El Dovio, Valle del Cauca, Colombia

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earthquakeA 6.1 magnitude earthquake rocked western Colombia Saturday afternoon according to Earthquake Track and the U.S. Geological Survey. The report indicated that the large earthquake shook an area approximately 7km from El Dovio, Valle del Cauca, Colombia, which is 200 miles south of Medellin.

Some Colombians claim that they felt the trembler as far away as Bogota. Others have stated that they felt buildings shake which petrified a number residents.

While the quake was strongly felt and some building were immediately evacuated, there were no reports of serious injuries or major damage to property.

AP reports that there were no victims of harm in the quakes aftermath.

NDTV reports: “Marta Lucia Calvache, a spokeswoman for the Colombian Geological Survey said the earthquake’s depth had mitigated its impact and there were not reports of damages or injuries… [as of] yet”

The Watchers website reports that there are 2.8 million people living with in 62 miles of the temblor and approximately 12,000 within 6 miles. All in all, 7.2 million people are estimated to have felt some light sharking.

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Written By DiMarkco Chandler


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Image Credit-Photo by Milo Miloezger on Unsplash