McDonald’s New Chicken Sandwich Has a Chick-Fil-a Complex

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McDonald’s, the fast food company is best known for their hamburgers has started to taste test three new chicken items to their menu. The sandwiches are called the mighty chicken sandwich, mighty chicken tenders, and mighty deluxe sandwich.

The new menu items will be in limited release in 35 restaurants in Augusta, Georgia.

The new items are made from all-white meat chicken which is seasoned and breaded lightly.

The company has used lightly-breaded and seasoned all-white meat chicken to create the three new additions to its menu.

Similar to Chick-Fil-A, the mighty chicken sandwich is served on toasted, buttered Artisan with two pickles

The mighty chicken deluxe is served on a lightly toasted, buttered Artisan roll topped with tomato, lettuce, and mayonnaise.

The mighty chicken tenders are offered in three sizes; four, six, and ten.

Linda VanGosen McDonald’s Menu and Brand Strategy vice-president said that McDonald’s restaurants pride themselves with having innovative menu items.

The new sandwiches are in response to our customers asking for more chicken products. The new offerings include new flavors which are distinct.

McDonald’s will also have on the menu a crispy chicken salad featuring a chicken filet, and signature sandwiches with crispy chicken at restaurants in Augusta.

Written by Barbara Sobel


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