Free Measles Vaccination Clinic in Oakland County Due to a Rapid Virus Outbreak


Oakland County, Michigan has reported eight cases of measles as of Friday, March 22. That is three more confirmed than the previous day. The public exposure to the spreading measles virus led the Oakland County Health Division to open a public Vaccination Clinic on Saturday, March 23.

This measles outbreak is a result of a travel-related case, of which the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and Oakland County Health Division managed to connect to an infected traveler from Israel that arrived in early March.

It is believed that the disease spread because the virus was being shared in several metro Detroit locations. Oakland County and health agencies have released a long list of possible places that were contaminated by the virus.

This expanding community outbreak is alarming to the Department of Health due to how quickly the cases have accumulated in one year.

Citing a recent local news reported, authorities are asking all citizens within the vicinity of the effected area get vaccinated immediately if they have not already done so.

Measles is a highly infectious virus that is especially dangerous for small children, even more contagious because its symptoms only appear seven to fourteen days after infection.

The stress of vaccination has led the city’s Health Division to host a public Clinic for all ages from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on 27725 Greenfield Road in Southfield.

People throughout the county are being told to get vaccinated as soon as possible especially since spring hits March through April, a time when people start to travel. It epidemic has reached the point where residents are being asked to call clinics ahead of time so that staff can take precautionary measures to prevent exposure to other patients.

Michigan’s vaccination waiver policy, issued in 2015, has made it so that parents looking to receive a non-medical waiver for their child must meet with professional health official to discuss the prevalence of vaccination in today’s generation.

Before this policy took place, the possibility of parents getting psychological or religious waivers without the confirmation of a health official caused a dangerously high rate of exposure to multiple viruses as well as measles.

Written by Brielle R. Buford


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