Silent Knight the San Francisco Zoo’s Blind Sea Lion Dies

Silent Knight
Silent Knight, the San Francisco Zoo’s blind sea lion, died on March 22, 2019, in his sleep.

The cause of death is not known. However, the sea lion was receiving treatment for cancer.

Silent Knight came to the San Francisco Zoo in 2011 after spending time at the Marine Mammal Center in rehab. Silent Knight was blinded from receiving gunshot wounds to his head.

The San Francisco Zoo’s Executive Director and CEO said in a press release that Silent Knight was pleasant and calm. Guests and staff loved him so very much.

Before being brought to the Marine Mammal Center, Silent Knight was found in 2010 near Sausalito on a beach. The gunshot wound he obtained destroyed his right eye and left fragments of metal in his mouth, eyes, and brain. Consequently, he suffered from a jaw infection due to the trauma.

Due to the severity and extent of his injuries, Silent Knight could not be returned to the wild. He was brought to his new home at the San Francisco Zoo to live with the facilities another blind sea lion, Henry, who was younger.

Nancy Chan, the spokesperson for the San Francisco Zoo, reported it is unclear the age of Silent Knight. It is believed he was born between 200 and 2006.

Written by Barbara Sobel


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