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Spring Break Vacation Ends in Tragedy for Chicago Native: ‘Bye Miami’ Were Her Final Words


Spring Break

Mariah Michelle Logan took a vacation with friends at the go-to spot for spring-breakers’, Miami Beach, where she also happened to be celebrating a friends’ birthday.

The young twenty-three-year old Mariah and friends spent their three days in Florida partying and enjoying swimming and laying out by the ocean at South Beach amongst the numerous others enjoying the spring break festivities.

Sunday morning it was finally time to head back home to Illinois, where she currently resided in Gurnee. As they headed to the Miami International Airport for their flight back to Chicago at around 4:30 a.m., Logan hung out of the back right-side passenger window and excitedly shouted, “Bye, Miami.” Little did she know those would end up being her final words.

According to the Miami Herald, who obtained the official crash report on the incident, in just a matter of seconds later, Logan flew out of the window and landed on the middle of State Road 112. Only moments later, a Range Rover being driven by an unidentified male driver, ran over Logan once. The driver then appeared to hesitate but ultimately sped off.

Police are investigating whether or not alcohol was at all a factor in this calamity, but they are currently considering the case a traffic homicide.

Miami Herald also reports that they do have a few witnesses in the case, however, it is likely the police will not obtain the highway surveillance from the state because it is apparently only meant for streaming in real time. Additionally, any details obtained from witness accounts, including who the witnesses were, will not be revealed for at least 90 days while the case is pending active investigation.

Mariah Logan was said to be energetic, positive, and full of life by close family and friends. ABC 7 Chicago stated that she reportedly worked as a mental health technician at the Ann Kiley Residential Center in Waukegan conveying her love and passion for helping others.

To further add to this devastating loss, family and friends currently have to raise money just to get Logan’s’ body home to give her the proper funeral and final resting place she deserves.

The way this fun-filled spring break trip and birthday celebration ended in such a shocking travesty, a young woman with a life of possibilities ahead of her dead, truly sheds light on the famous phrase, ‘live each day as if it was your last’.

Written by Megan Kuehl


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