Should Lori Loughlin Be the Angle We Are Taking in College Scandal?

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LoughlinLori Loughlin, well-known for her role in the popular sitcom “Full House”, is among one of the dozens of parents charged in the recent college admissions scheme. Although NBC News confirms 50 people have been charged in the $25 million college entrance scheme, Hollywood Stars Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman appear to be the primary focus, splashed across headlines everywhere.

According to NPR, the parents charged in the scheme allegedly paid a consultant to fabricate test scores, credentials, photographs, and more to ensure their children were accepted into prestigious universities.

The alleged consultant, William Rick Singer, owner of a non-profit college counseling service and college and career services company, came forward as the scheme’s ringleader and pled guilty to various charges Tuesday afternoon for accepting $25 million in bribes in exchange for the guaranteed admittance of the wealthy’s children into these elite schools.

Reports confirm that of these bribes, Loughlin and husband, Giannulli, paid $500,000 to fabricate their 2 daughters applications to say they were recruited athletes to the USC crew team, including stock photos with one of them on a rowing machine to further support these false claims to increase their odds of acceptance.

Huffman admitted in court after a phone recording with husband, William H. Macy, surfaced to making a payment of $15,000  to ensure their younger daughter received a high score on her college entrance exam.

Of the $25 million paid in bribes by parents, Loughlin and Huffman only account for $515,000 of that amount. So why are they the primary focus of the media and public scolding rather than the parents who paid up to $6 million to ensure their child’s admission?

Lelling, one of the U.S. Attorney’s of the investigation stressed that the colleges are not the targets of this investigation. He also implied, during the press conference, that Loughlin and Huffman were not the only celebrity targets.

Although these universities are not those directly at fault for these crimes, why isn’t anyone asking the question as to why the elite and wealthy have to go to such extreme lengths to get their children admitted into these schools?

The primary focus of this story should not be who the celebrities are that played a part in the scheme, but rather, what is the root cause of this scheme and what these elite schools are requiring just for children to be considered.

Written by Megan Kuehl


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