Wendy Williams Relapses on Alcohol and Is Rushed to the Hospital

WilliamsDailyMail.com is reporting that talk show host Wendy Williams was rushed to the hospital after she was found intoxicated. He relapse was caused after her husband’s mistress Sharina Hudson allegedly gave birth to a baby girl.

54-year-old Williams who was residing in a Long Island City, Queens, New York sober living house checked herself out on March 25, 2019, and began to drink.

Williams’ team found her and brought her to a local hospital for medical treatment and to become sober.

It was reported that Williams’ sober coach whose job was to stay with her around the clock announced that she fell off the wagon.

A source informed DailyMail that Williams was very distraught and left the studio when her show finished on Monday.  She returned to her sober living house and discharged herself. After she left, she began to drink.

The source continued by saying it is unknown where the talk show host went, but she went toward her New Jersey home and began to drink.

The studio heard about what happened, and people were concerned and panicked.  The staff went to look for her, and it was unclear if the show would be taped.

Williams was found and was intoxicated. Her staff brought her to the hospital.

A source says Williams was given IV fluids infused with vitamins and minerals known as a banana bag.  This helps a person become sober.  The solution in the bag is yellow in color which is why it is dubbed a banana bag.

The source added that Williams was in such bad shape; it was amazing she was able to make it to the studio to record her show.

Williams binge came a week after it was reported she was residing in a sober living home for alcohol and prescription drug addiction after she learned her husband did not stop seeing his mistress.

Written by Barbara Sobel


Daily Mail: Heartbroken Wendy Williams was found drunk and ‘in a bad way’ rushed to the hospital for a ‘banana bag’ of IV fluids to sober up after learning her husband’s mistress had given birth to a little girl

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