Wendy Williams Drops Husband’s Last Name Is Divorce Looming?

WilliamsRadar online is reporting that 54-year-old daytime talk show host Wendy Williams who has referred to herself on-air, in public, and digital communications as “Wendy Williams-Hunter” is now going by her maiden name.

In a recent press release announcing that she would be returning to her talk show after a two-month hiatus on March 4, 2019, Williams used only her maiden name.

It has been alleged that William‘s husband 46-year-old Kevin Hunter had bought a home for his longtime mistress years ago located down the street from William’s residence.

Love B Scott reported in Dec. 2018 that Hunter impregnated the mistress, and she continued to live down the street.

A few months ago, Love B. Scott received a letter from William‘s lawyers insisting they remove the story about Hunter impregnating his mistress and the couple would be divorcing. The lawyer addressed her in the letter as “Wendy Williams-Hunter.”

William’s behavior had become erratic for the past few years, which some have blamed on marital issues.

During the filming of a Halloween episode of the popular talk show in 2017, Williams fainted. The medical emergency was blamed on becoming overheated in her Halloween costume, menopause, and Grave’s disease.

In Dec. 2018 she exhibited odd behavior and slurred speech during the filming of her show. Williams said she fractured her shoulder and blamed the behavior change on side effects from pain medication.

After signing a two-year extension to her contract, Williams said she required time off for long term hospitalization to address issues pertaining to Grave’s disease. Guests hosts filled in for her during this time.

Written by Barbara Sobel


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