Chris Brown Allows Alleged Rape Victim to Investigate His L.A. Mansion

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BrownChris Brown is allowing an alleged rape victim who goes by the name of Jane Doh to inspect his L.A. Mansion.

The alleged rape victim claims Brown presented her with drugs including cocaine, molly, and marijuana before the sexual act took place. Doh is allowed to inspect the rooms she was in on the night of the alleged rape. She is also allowed to inspect additional rooms to see if she can recall being in any of the other rooms in Brown’s home.

The court has given Doh two hours to complete the inspection, and it must be completed within 120 days. Doh has claimed she ended up at the singer’s home back in 2017 and that he was brandishing firearms including one he had on his waistband.

Brown has denied all allegations of the charges that were levied against him.

It is reported that the victim’s mother tracked her daughter’s cell phone and then alerted police to her child’s location. But upon arrival, they were denied entry.

There will be two attorneys and a videographer present during the inspection of Brown’s home. The singer also has permission to record the event. However, Brown cannot show the two attorneys or the woman.

Jane Doh objected to Brown filming the event as she believes he is simply trying to intimidate her to drop the charges.  The ”This Christmas” actor responded to Jane Doh’s claims of intimidation by stating that he simply wants to protect his house while the victim and her attorney are recording in his home.

Brown’s attorney will record a walk through of his mansion beforehand, but the victim and her attorney will have to wait outside until they are done.

Brown has had past rape allegations levied against him. One of them was a rape allegation in Paris. Nevertheless, all charges were subsequently dropped.

Though the singer has had several run-ins with the law, he is still innocent until proven guilty.

Written by Anthony Cross. Edited by Kimberley Spinney

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