Coachella Concert Goers Get Herpes With Their Music. 250 Cases Per Day Reported

HerpAlert, a website that has been around for two years which treats and diagnoses Herpes, reports new cases of herpes has increased since the first day of Coachella.

A person can submit a photograph to the website, and a medical professional will review the photo and call in a prescription to a pharmacy within 2 hours.

HerpAlert reported on an average day; they get requests from 12 individuals for a case review. These cases are usually located in Southern California.

During the period of Coachella’s two weekends, HerpAlert reported a spike of 250 cases daily.

Since the first day of the festival, HerpAlert there have been 1,105 cases reported from Palm Desert, Indio, L.A., Coachella Valley, San Diego, and Orange counties. These are the areas where the majority of people who attended the concert reside.

The previous herpes spike HerpAlert saw was in 2018 during the weekend of the Oscars where 60 cases per day.

Multiple factors could cause a flare-up in an individual who is already inflicted with Herpes such as sharing cigarettes, drinks, lack of sleep, and exposure to the sun.

Dr. Cedrick Rutland states:

Not all transmission of herpes is caused by sex. People live every day with the herpes virus.

Partaking in safe sex, avoid sharing with others food and drink, can reduce being exposed to herpes. If one should experience an outbreak, it is suggested to begin an anti-retroviral to reduce the days and the severity of an outbreak.

Written by Barbara Sobel


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