Lady Gaga’s Love Life: The Men and Women She Has Dated

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Born on March 28, 1986, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta in New York, the world would know her as Lady Gaga. Starting her musical career in 2005, she has won Grammy Awards, MTV Video Awards, Golden Globe, and an Oscar. She is considered one of the world’s best selling recording artists.

It cannot be easy dating “Mama Monster.” Here is a list of her dating history.

Luc Carl (2005)

Before Lady Gaga existed, she started dating Luc Carl, a bar owner. The two began dating in 2005, and they continued to have an on and off relationship until 2011.

In an interview Gaga had in 2010, she said Carl was the love of her life. Gaga wanted the relationship, but Carl was dating somebody else.

It is rumored Gaga wrote the song “You and I” about their relationship.

Carl works at Welcome to the Johnsons bar and St Jerome’s in New York.

Robert Fusari (2006)


In 2006, an American Grammy Award-winning music producer named Robert Fusari, who went by the name 8Bits Fusari discoveredGaga when she was 23 years old and was still be called by her birth name “Stefani Germanotta.”

Fusari was known to have worked with Kelly Rowland and Britney Spears.

After he signed Gaga to Interscope Records the artist, they started to date, and he helped launch Gaga’s career in music.

In 2010 filed against Gaga a $30 million lawsuit which alleged the two agreed that he would receive a 20 percent pay cut. He claims Gaga did not pay him. The case went nowhere, as there was no evidence to back up his story, and was dropped on Sept. 10, 2010.

Matthew ‘Dada’ Williams (2008)


Matthew Williams, from 2008 to 2010 he was the creative director at the Haus of Gaga. Before working for the pop star, in 2008, the two briefly dated.

Meeting in a Los Angeles restaurant, the two found they had chemistry. Later that year, he joined Has of Gaga as its creative director. The couple worked on multiple projects including in 2009, her first tour.

After Gaga and Williams worked on her singles “Alejandro” and “Supreme x Gaga,” he left in 2010 the Haus of Gaga.

Tara Savelo (2009)


“Mama Monster” met make-up artist Savelo after they met on the set while filming the video for “Bad Romance.” Savelo began working at House of Gaga. Savelo disappeared after it was reported she had significant medical issues and required hospitalization.

Gaga and Savelo have not been seen together since. It was rumored Savelo had a fling with the pop singer, but this has never been verified.

Speedy Gonzales (2009)

Gaga met Gonzales on the video set for “Love Game” in April 2009, and they started dating. They went to Hawaii on a romantic getaway.

The couple lasted a short time, and Gaga appeared to be heartbroken. She told the Daily Mail at the time: “You know that feeling of your heart is so broken you feel as if there is blood dripping from it? That is how I am doing.”

Gonzalez said the reason why they broke up was a picture leaked of Gaga kissing another man.

Angelina Jolie (2010)

Ian Halperin, the author of “Brangelina: The Untold Story of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie,” wrote in the book a source said Jolie was obsessed with the singer. According to the source, Jolie cheated on Brad Pitt, her ex-husband and the two had an affair at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel.

Both Jolie and Gaga are admitted bi-sexuals, never commented on the rumor.

Taylor Kinney (2011)

After Gaga’s relationship with Luc Carl completely died, “Mama Monster” met Kinney on the set of her video for “You and I.” Ironically, Kinney played her love interest. They began dating in July 2011. He proposed in 2015 on Valentine’s Day (February 14.) The engagement ring was shaped like a heart.

The “Chicago Fire” actor and the Gaga did not last, and they broke up in July 2016 on the set of “A Star Is Born.”

The two remained good friends, and he congratulated her on the success of her film.

Christian Carino (2017)

Talent Agent Carino’s relationship with Gaga came to light in February 2017 at the Superbowl Halftime Show where the singer was performing. Reporters caught PDA moments between the couple.

Things moved quickly, and engagement was announced in October of that year.

Carino got a tattoo of Gaga’s face on his arm.

The relationship did not last, and the two broke up in February 2019. The official reason why was because “It just did not work out.” However, sources said Carino was more interested in the relationship than Gaga.

Written by Barbara Sobel

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