Luke Perry Buried in a Eco-Friendly ‘Mushroom Suit’ in Tennessee

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It has been reported that actor Luke Perry was buried secretly with a “mushroom suit” which was organic. His plot is located on the farm he owned in Tennessee. Perry wanted this special suit so as his body decomposed, it would nourish the soil.

A source said, “The mushroom suit Perry was buried in will turn his body into a clean compost.” Continuing, the source added “This was a last wish of Perry. In life, he was always ecologically-minded.”

Perry’s death certificate showed the actor was buried in Tennessee. However, after his death, family and friends were told initially he had been cremated in order to be “environmentally conscious.”

Perry was notoriously known to want to keep his life private, made these eco-friendly burial arrangements before he died.

Perry died in after suffering a stroke on March 4, 2019. He was 52 years old. He also donated his organs. A source said that Perry donated his liver, kidney, and lungs. He also wanted to donate his heart, but the doctors were unable to find a match for it.

Written by Barbara Sobel

Sources: Luke Perry Secretly Buried In Eco-Friendly ‘Mushroom Suit’: ‘It Was His Last Wish’

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