Madonna’s New Song Medellin Left Off of BBC Radio 1 and Radio 2 Playlists


Madonna’s new track “Medellín” was introduced by 45-year-old Zane Lowe, a former BBC DJ  recently on Apple Music’s Beat 1.

The Daily Star is reporting that the new track from Madonna and Maluma has been left off of all playlists on Radio 1 in the UK.

“Medellin” has also not been added to the rotation of the A, B, or C playlists for the BBC. Radio 2, which plays almost anything, has also decided the track is not right for their station.

A source spoke with the Daily Star and said Madonna would undoubtedly be upset being left off the BBC playlists. However, this is not surprising.

The source continued by saying Radio 1 did not support Madonna when she released her last single in 2014. Being added to the BBC half a decade later is impossible.

The song of the week has not been announced for Radio 1 or Radio 2 as of yet, but a single will not win that coveted title without being added to the station’s playlist.

The BBC said in a statement to the Daily Star “The station decides to choose which songs are added to the rotation. That decision is based on what they feel their audience would want to hear. There are no other criteria considered.”

Written by Barbara Sobel


Daily Star: Madonna SNUBBED by BBC as Radio 1 and Radio 2 blank comeback track

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