Notre Dame Fire Possibly Caused by Short-Circuit Prosecutors Say

Notre Dame
CNN was informed by a source that prosecutors in Paris are currently investigating if an electrical short-circuit was the cause of the Notre Dame Cathedral fire.

The source said that theory was just one that they were exploring.

Forty Notre Dame employees have been interviewed by law enforcement. On April 17, 2019, the Paris prosecutor’s office has said in addition to forensics team investigation and interviews; the police have begun to inspect some areas of Notre Dame.

Officials continue to believe that the fire was an accident, but other theories have not been ruled out.

Before the fire started, Notre Dame was being renovated. Four companies were hired to perform the renovations. Two of those companies Socra, who specialized in art conservation, and Europe Echafaudage, a scaffolding company, started work on the cathedral. The companies workers were not present when the fire started.

President Emmanuel Macron has said he plans in five years to have Notre Dame rebuilt.

People have donated for the restoration project from around the world. So far, $904 million (800 million euros) has been raised.

Written by Barbara Sobel

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