Pink Destroys Instagram Trolls for Discussing Her 2-Year-Old Son’s Penis

Grammy-Award winner Pink attacked online Instagram trolls who made rude comments regarding her 2-year-old son’s penis.

Pink shared on her Instagram on March 31, 2019, a photo of her two children with their mother at a pool, interacting with a pelican. Her son was not wearing a diaper, and people immediately wrote graphic messages discussing her child’s body parts.

Pink shared a new Instagram post of her son, blocking out the lower part of the photo, to cover up the fact he had no bottom on. She said she was not aware of this until people brought it to her attention in the comments.

Pink wrote:

There is something wrong with many of you. How can you talk about my baby’s penis? How can you talk about circumcision? You cannot be for real? Like any other normal mother who took her children to the beach, I did not even notice he had taken off his diaper.

I deleted the picture because you are all f***ing disgusting. I turned off my comments, and I am shaking my head at all the keyboard warriors, and the state social media is in. I also can not believe the negativity people bring to the lives of other people. There is something very wrong with many of you.

Pink has two children, Willow Sage who is 7 years old, and Jameson, 2 years old.

Written by Barbara Sobel


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