Wendy Williams Files for Divorce From Kevin Hunter After Cheating Scandal

On April 11, 2019, it was announced that Wendy Williams has filed for divorce from her husband after Kevin Hunter of almost 22 years of marriage.

The slit has come after rumors of Hunter’s mistress Sharina Hudson gave birth to a baby girl in March.

Williams did not wear her wedding ring while at her hairdresser and makeup artist on April 11, and the picture appeared on Instagram.

After Williams appeared from a two-month hiatus, she told her audience that they should not believe the rumors about her marriage, until her wedding ring was removed from her hand. She added it would not go anywhere in this lifetime.

On March 25, when she left the sober living facility where she was staying due to her addiction to prescription drugs and alcohol, Williams was spotted without her wedding ring. However, it returned to her hand later in the day when her show was taped.

An insider said that it was not her real wedding ring.

Infidelity was not the only rumor going around about the marriage. Sources said Hunter was abusive towards Williams.

It was alleged she used to hide in the bathroom so she would not have to see him, according to an intern. It was also rumored Hunter used to pull the talk show host into a private room, and staff could hear them yelling. They would also hear slaps and tussling.

One friend said that the couple went to marriage counseling, but Williams could not leave him.

Charlamagne Tha God, a former friend, was concerned about Williams. He said on “The Breakfast Club” radio show Hunter was “sucking the life” from Williams.

He also admitted ten years ago introducing Hunter to Hunter for business reasons.

Hunter met Williams in 1994 at a skating rink. They married three years later, and their son Kevin Hunter Jr. was born in 2000.

Written by Barbara Sobel


US: Wendy Williams Files for Divorce From Husband Kevin Hunter After More Than 21 Years of Marriage

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